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  1. https://t.co/YpIv65jklH Arkansas quarterback Malik Hornsby will be on the field more than most back-up quarterbacks across the nation.
  2. Attorney says Texas A&M WR Ainias Smith's suspension has been lifted https://t.co/Q0tLgOhbX5 via @247sports
  3. Knowing them we'll drop a spot after beating Cincinnati.
  4. Saw this on DCTF: This TXHSFB team will travel 3,164 miles during the 2022 season https://t.co/hIw84IOSYj
  5. I caught part of the footage, it was to the effect of he wanted to block/protect for Arch.
  6. He is. That's the guy that used to work at the ESPN station in Houston before moving to ATL. Dude loves him some SEC football.
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