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  1. @txk85 Nikel Lewis RB Hamburg Arkansas class of 2026. Look him up and look at his film. Kid squats 530lbs already.
  2. Which one of yall was the streaker? I got a notification about some crazed individual streaking during the game
  3. Who knows. They had no choice but to hire him as permanent HC in my opinion after winning the conference tournament and getting to the Elite 8. I think the interim tag should've been gone during the regular season. I wish him luck, I hear nothing but great things about the guy.
  4. Crazy stat: Miami did not make a single 3ptr during the comeback. Honestly just thinking back on it I don't remember them attempting one during the comeback.
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/dusty-may-wanted-to-quit-hours-after-signing-fau-contract-now-hes-coached-owls-to-improbable-final-four-run/
  6. They offered the job to Coach Terry last night.
  7. 37 people picked the Final Four correctly, as if this tournament couldn't get any weirder. EDIT: As of Wednesday morning the March Madness account said it's 6 brackets that have the Final Four picked correctly. ESPN report on Sunday said 37.
  8. Miami had a guy go perfect from the field and FT line, Jordan Miller his name. 27pts, 7/7 FGs, 13/13 FTs. First time in the tournament that has happened since 1992. hell of a game.
  9. The craziest tournament ever. I'm rolling with UConn vs SDSU with UConn winning it all. (Which means we might as well get ready for the unexpected again )
  10. Ole Jim going back to the final four. First time since 06 for him, first time ever for Miami.
  11. Texas blows a double digit lead. Miami is on its way to the final four.
  12. This is reminding me of the Texas vs LSU Elite 8 game many years ago.
  13. Miami has taken the lead by 1. 5mins and change left.
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