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  1. Hopefully Texan Live carries this game. Good luck CH.
  2. Taking LV by alot. Has anyone even seen Timberview? I've yet to see any highlights let alone a game of them. All I know is that they come from an extremely weak district sorta like Lancaster before the last realignment.
  3. Sigh........ At least we're going bowling WOOO DAMN PIG!
  4. I don't think that would be a bad gig for Rhule.
  5. Hopefully we give Mizzou a good ole fashioned whoopin today. WOOO DAMN PIG!
  6. I picked CH to win just solely on the fact I know someone on the coaching staff. Other than that I wouldn't be surprised on any outcome of this one.
  7. Lol @ Ole Piss. Piss State is going to pull off a crazy win in this Rotten Egg Bowl.
  8. It's Wednesday so they better hurry up. Usually on a normal week you gotta have everything in by Tuesday.
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