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  1. Arkansas #22! Stop excluding us
  2. KJ Jefferson’s Biggest Weakness of 2021 a Far Cry from What It Could Be in 2022 https://t.co/obu7eBGR30 via @bestofarsports
  3. Brent Pry named Virginia Tech head football coach » https://t.co/YocOPZeFpV https://t.co/r4q4SxvCH7 Former Penn State DC.
  4. Sources: Louisiana Tech planning to hire Sonny Cumbie https://t.co/dcYy5bEfRn
  5. Sonny Cumbie may be moving on from Texas Tech to become the HC at Louisiana Tech.
  6. Chaos in College Football: Arkansas Could Benefit https://t.co/2RavGAixBc via @ArkansasFight I'm hoping Williams decommits and heads to Fayetteville.
  7. Someone is getting a really good RB on the field for ONE year.
  8. BREAKING: Brian Kelly is expected to be named LSU's next head coach. @PeteThamel was the first to report the news. STORY: https://t.co/lZMUXifXaT I expect Luke Fickell to Notre Dame.
  9. Story on Kalen DeBoer to Washington: https://t.co/9Lqyc6Z9Bd
  10. I just wanna get back to watching a Rangers game in October.
  11. It will be one of two Florida bowls for the #Arkansas #Razorbacks per a source close to the program (FREE) #Hogs #WPS https://t.co/GiM8hw866J
  12. What grading schedule is Texas High on? Most districts end right before Winter Break (6 week schedule) So if they're on that grading schedule and missing players cause of grades they shouldn't have been playing to begin with last week. If it's a 9 week schedule then who knows.......
  13. 2021 will be the year that got Razorback football back on the map https://t.co/qZqXal9T0B via @razorbackswire
  14. Been a couple, there's more to come. I honestly hate it for em but business is business, nothing personal. Hope we get a WR transfer from OU.
  15. The QB? If not he just did it, got an alert about it. The Mater Dai kid is probably next.
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