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  1. I'm literally in the middle of an Arkansas dynasty on NCAA Football 2006
  2. If he really likes winning he might wanna take a page out his friend playbook to start winning championships again. His friend: the Rams owner, he's just won a SB, a Lacrosse title and just days ago a Stanley Cup within a 6 month span and has one of the best basketball teams in the NBA. Hopefully it works out soon for ole Jerrah as far as winning BIG again, of course after a few more SB appearances by the Rams.
  3. Jerrah loves 3 things: 1. Cameras. 2. Entertainment. ..... And most importantly 3. Money. I don't think Jerrah really cares if Dallas wins another SB while he's alive.
  4. The SEC has revealed Arkansas basketball's conference opponents for this season! Check out the matchups that include a home and home series with Kentucky. https://t.co/AGWlycjp4G
  5. Only took me a couple minutes to get used to the update. I like it.
  6. I was told awhile ago the XFL plans to open their season right after the Super Bowl... Anyone here heard about that??
  7. With Goff turning the ball over (ya know, the thing he likes to do) anything is possible.
  8. They need to move the start of the season to the week after the Super Bowl.
  9. My only question about the Natty series is: Where were all the Oklahoma fans?? With them winning the softball Natty and the baseball team's unforgettable late season ride into this Natty series I would've thought after they beat A&M there would've been a mass exodus from Oklahoma on the way to Omaha. I can't say they were busy partaking in the Jell-O Shot Challenge cause their number didn't change much. That didn't feel like typical Omaha, that felt like a series in Oxford, Mississippi.
  10. Pittman and company putting in WORK with this class. They're not done yet either. #WPS Oxford, Mississippi LB Alex Sanford Chooses Arkansas https://t.co/Y96GpCWO21
  11. I'll watch next week's USFL Super Bowl. Might see some future Rams playing. I wont be as stressed watching it as I was the real Super Bowl. Next Sunday night 6pm on FOX I believe.
  12. First time since 98 for back to back to back HRs. That's a long time!!
  13. Overall the pitching and defense was great by both today. Finished an hour early per the Espn2 time slot.
  14. That's the season. It was a great one for the Diamond Hogs.
  15. Welp not the outcome we wanted, but nonetheless great season for the Hogs! Ole Miss vs Oklahoma should be a great Final.
  16. Espn talking about weather was why they moved the game up, I think they moved it up cause the NBA Draft is tonight.
  17. Well they are undefeated versus us (2-0) including a win in Port Arthur. (very long time ago though 2004/2005) I think Tyler comes in 2nd behind Longview. I personally want Lancaster down here in Port Arthur, we didn't beat them good enough in 2021 (27-7) over in Prairie View.
  18. It's actually at 3pm CST (ESPN2). Gonna be rough for both teams.
  19. Hogs win!!!!!! Back at it tomorrow versus that Sippi school. 3pm Espn2.
  20. Wow! We just got away with one. He was out at 2nd. Not sure what they saw lol.
  21. Well they're staying at The Hilton. I believe the last two national champions stayed at that particular hotel FWIW.
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