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  1. In bold: I guess you haven't seen my Rams offensive line this season. We've played 11 games, 11 times a different OL, 11 times they looked like dog-poo.
  2. That man wont rest until Jalen Hurts is in a Dallas uniform
  3. You called it!!!!! Hurts is running wild so far (16 rushes 157yds at this point as im posting) and Rodgers got hurt yet again and is out of the game.
  4. GB has no answer tonight for Jalen Hurts. @KirtFalcon
  5. We might need one the way Odom name has been thrown around about getting a new HC job.
  6. He's funny. They should've taken care of business yesterday.
  7. Wow!!! I expected him to get a bigger gig but not Wisconsin. Great hire by the Badgers.
  8. Apparently it was 28-3 for Oregon State down the stretch. I didn't pay attention to the TD they scored before the Oregon FG made it 34-17. Nonetheless pretty crazy how Oregon blew the game, now no PAC 12 Championship game for em.
  9. Kinda crazy it's the first time in school history Texas Tech has beaten Texas and Oklahoma in the same season.
  10. UCF leads by 7 and kicked an onside kick. USF almost caught the hail mary to win it. UCF is dumb. They got lucky.
  11. Wanna know how to blow a 28-0 lead? Ask UCF. South Florida leads 39-38 4th qtr now. UCF just fumbled again. Wow.
  12. He probably was all packed up ready to leave for Tempe by end of the 3rd qtr today.
  13. Final 38-34. Beavs comeback to beat Oregon. Utah or Ucla I believe will play USC next Friday in the PAC 12 Championship. (Don't quote me on that) 28 unanswered points by Oregon State. Unreal. Dumb stuff by Oregon costs them. EDIT: Utah or Oregon will play USC next week. Apple Cup is tonight. Huskies win Utah goes. Wazzu wins Oregon goes. PAC 12 is weird.
  14. Beavs take the lead. Wow. 28 unanswered points by OSU. Ducks deserve to lose.
  15. Dumb. 4th and 1 on your own 29 and you go for it with a hurt QB and didn't get it. Ducks trying to lose.
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