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  1. Wow, Virginia. My bracket is busted within 2 hours of the tournament start lol
  2. Maybe "worst" isn't the right word. But inexperienced doesn't do it justice either. Having 3 guys in your starting lineup hitting sub .200 is extremely poor. Unfortunately they don't have anybody else that can do much better off the bench. Duplantier has come in twice with either a lead or tied and has lost the game. It's overrall frustrating to watch. I know they lost a ton of guys, but the offseason haul with recruiting + transfer portal was a huge dud.
  3. This might be the worst Texas team I've ever seen.
  4. I give a lot of credit to Terry for where he has this team right now, but the whole getting down by double digits at half and storming back is not sustainable. If he truly wants to keep this job he has to start making adjustments earlier.
  5. So I guess the idea is throwing a current East team in the mix?
  6. So glad this is not dragging out to 2025!
  7. Isn't it crazy to think that if you were to go back to 2004 and tell people that Miami, Texas, and USC will go on a decade+ championship drought and essentially fall completely off the map people would have said you're crazy.
  8. Yeah Florida is top notch. I would think Georgia Tech would have been the top in Georgia.
  9. Texas takes down #11 Baylor last night to move to first place in the conference!
  10. I don't think anyone is saying they are on the same talent level as Bijan or Roschon, mainly because the RB's outside of Keilan Robinson have very little experience, but I do think that with quality experience Brooks and Baxter can live up to that potential. It will not be immediate, though.
  11. If I was looking at NIL, I would prefer to get a real estate type deal than a car dealership.
  12. Can't tell you how big this is. LB room is going to be strong, but having a veteran in that group is huge.
  13. You can't be surprised by this, right? lol
  14. The high school he went to is the same school Peyton and Eli went to. Odell Beckham Jr. Also went to Newman. All three have won super bowls.
  15. My favorite thing I see on twitter is Texas fans wanting to bench Quinn, a true freshman who had zero college experience prior to this season, for.... wait for it.... ...an incoming freshman with no college experience lol. I really hate Texas "fans" sometimes
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