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  1. He was nails against TCU as well. Him and Nixon were two guys that really impressed me, and both were freshman last year.
  2. And what's crazy about that is Witt is only a sophomore and was coming out of the pen last year. I would not be disappointed at all if he was the Friday night starter and they keep Hansen-Saturday and Stevens-Sunday.
  3. They return pretty much everyone, minus a couple that will be backfilled with some serious talent. Biggest loss was 1st rounder RHP Ty Madden.
  4. I'm pretty surprised by this. But not sure how he fits in Riley's system at SC now that I think about it. The kid is really talented. Not super mobile, especially after an injury at the beginning of the year, so it would be interesting seeing him in Venables offense.
  5. Twitter is basically a virtue signalers heaven
  6. And when they get to the league they will take a pay cut, and it will make that entitlement that is rooted in their generation even worse than it already is.
  7. It's such shallow arguing too. You can tell those who blindly follow Billy Luicci or Chip Brown. It's like taking Lion and making duplicates of him for UT and A&M and giving them twitter accounts.
  8. I lose brain cells when I read CFB twitter (or anything on twitter for that matter). The toxicity between fanbases is nauseating.
  9. Texas lands Ohio state transfer CB ryan Watts. I need Patterson on this staff asap
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