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  1. Hall is suspended indefinitely. He won't get kicked off the team. It was a stupid decision on his part, but the UTPD really sucks when it comes to parking so kind of funny
  2. I'm not concerned with being #1 at the end of the day. As great as that would be, I just want Texas to recruit NEEDED positions, which they have done and done very well imo, especially on the offensive side. Like I said, #1 would be awesome, but focusing on getting the top talent at imperative positions where there are gaps is what stands out to me (ex. Oline)
  3. Also to add since living there, there isn't a more delusional fan base than Texas Tech fans. You can't convince me otherwise. And that's saying a lot.
  4. Lived in Lubbock for 3 years. It's not terrible, but getting out there absolutely sucks. With that being said, while it's not terrible, I can think of a million other places I would rather live.
  5. https://www.burntorangenation.com/2022/7/7/23198643/texas-longhorns-football-uniforms-2022 New tweaks to the uniforms. For those that dont want to read - Longhorn logo is removed from the neck and numbers on shoulders are gone. From what I remember they were trying to go with a little bit darker orange. Hard to tell in the photo because it's highly edited, but glad to see the unis not look so clustered.
  6. Garrett Gilbert comes to mind.
  7. You knew what you were getting with Ehlinger. A guy who was going to leave it all on the field every single game. He didn't win with flash or accurate passing, he won with passion. DB is right, after those guys left, Ehlinger struggled (throw in a poor Oline with that as well), but even with his inconsistencies I'll never rag on the kid. He may not be a top rated QB or recruit out of HS but he has what few people possess, and that's a will to win at all cost.
  8. Do you even read? I've stated this numerous times on this board in the last 48 hours. Texas has had a problem with evaluating talent. Tyrone Swoopes was not a 4 star. A lot of these guys weren't. But even the ones that were worth their stars were still not developed to their full potential.
  9. You said Tyrone Swoopes was a 5 star... when he wasn't. I wouldn't want you doing research for me because all that takes is a 2 second google search. My point has and always has been the past 10 years is Texas has misevaluated and failed at developing talent. And if you disagree then you seriously don't watch Texas football.
  10. Actually, he's right. Not sure how you could say we don't have a developmental problem.
  11. I understand that, but there was a reason why Bo Davis went ape #### on that bus. If you ask me, the players that gave up on their teammates and eventually left the program were Herman guys, and that was a reflection of the stench Herman left as his time as HC. If it took 5-7 and a loss to Kansas to get rid of guys who have soft and weak mindsets, I'll take that.
  12. Most definitely. Been fun to hear about someone knew every day. A little taste of what yall just went through lol
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