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  1. Hell of a year Ags. Kudos to not just your team, but program for representing the state well.
  2. It’s not Vitello as originally thought. Texas approached him in April and he was β€œinterested”, but used that to sign his extension with Tennessee. I’m hearing from IT it’s Schloss but I have absolutely no clue. If it’s not him then idk why they waited so long…
  3. I haven't seen that. I would be shocked if Schloss left. It would really have to be a personal thing because it's not like A&M can't compete with Texas on the money front.
  4. Have a buddy of mine who is a coach at a very high level high school baseball program. Has a player committed to Texas (kid already has an agent in case he decides to go to the draft). Apparently, the said agent relayed info to the coaches that Tony Vitello is pretty much a done deal to become the next HC at Texas. It's just a matter of when Tennessee is done in Omaha. Vitello was an assistant to Schloss at TCU when Del Conte was AD. So there's a previous connection already established. We will see if that comes to fruition.
  5. Fun fact: Most Longhorns selected in the draft since 1984. Even more than any Mack Brown team... That's impressive. And next year could be similar.
  6. I know one of them for sure is coming, just not sure which one exactly. Been hearing both, but either Muhammad or Niblack will be Longhorns
  7. Keep in mind these are just predictions from a former IT guy in Gerry Hamilton, but this is what we’ve been hearing for a while now.
  8. A week ago, we thought the WR room was going to be weak. Lol
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