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  1. Hall is suspended indefinitely. He won't get kicked off the team. It was a stupid decision on his part, but the UTPD really sucks when it comes to parking so kind of funny
  2. I'm not concerned with being #1 at the end of the day. As great as that would be, I just want Texas to recruit NEEDED positions, which they have done and done very well imo, especially on the offensive side. Like I said, #1 would be awesome, but focusing on getting the top talent at imperative positions where there are gaps is what stands out to me (ex. Oline)
  3. Also to add since living there, there isn't a more delusional fan base than Texas Tech fans. You can't convince me otherwise. And that's saying a lot.
  4. Lived in Lubbock for 3 years. It's not terrible, but getting out there absolutely sucks. With that being said, while it's not terrible, I can think of a million other places I would rather live.
  5. https://www.burntorangenation.com/2022/7/7/23198643/texas-longhorns-football-uniforms-2022 New tweaks to the uniforms. For those that dont want to read - Longhorn logo is removed from the neck and numbers on shoulders are gone. From what I remember they were trying to go with a little bit darker orange. Hard to tell in the photo because it's highly edited, but glad to see the unis not look so clustered.
  6. Garrett Gilbert comes to mind.
  7. You knew what you were getting with Ehlinger. A guy who was going to leave it all on the field every single game. He didn't win with flash or accurate passing, he won with passion. DB is right, after those guys left, Ehlinger struggled (throw in a poor Oline with that as well), but even with his inconsistencies I'll never rag on the kid. He may not be a top rated QB or recruit out of HS but he has what few people possess, and that's a will to win at all cost.
  8. Do you even read? I've stated this numerous times on this board in the last 48 hours. Texas has had a problem with evaluating talent. Tyrone Swoopes was not a 4 star. A lot of these guys weren't. But even the ones that were worth their stars were still not developed to their full potential.
  9. You said Tyrone Swoopes was a 5 star... when he wasn't. I wouldn't want you doing research for me because all that takes is a 2 second google search. My point has and always has been the past 10 years is Texas has misevaluated and failed at developing talent. And if you disagree then you seriously don't watch Texas football.
  10. Actually, he's right. Not sure how you could say we don't have a developmental problem.
  11. I understand that, but there was a reason why Bo Davis went ape #### on that bus. If you ask me, the players that gave up on their teammates and eventually left the program were Herman guys, and that was a reflection of the stench Herman left as his time as HC. If it took 5-7 and a loss to Kansas to get rid of guys who have soft and weak mindsets, I'll take that.
  12. Most definitely. Been fun to hear about someone knew every day. A little taste of what yall just went through lol
  13. Texas lands 5 star WR Johntay Cook. Horns are absolutely rolling.
  14. I wish we could shadow ban that phrase.
  15. 100% with you on that. I like to think most real fans know reality, but I question that every time I scroll through twitter for 5 seconds. And the "Texas is back" comments by ESPN and Fox after the Arch commitment drives me absolutely nuts. STOP DOING THIS TO US. We don't even want to hear that crap.
  16. The highest rated qb Texas has had since 2011, outside of Hudson Card who is currently on the roster, was Jerrod Heard. Which goes back to my initial point from previous coaching staffs. Couldn't evaluate or develop talent. Heard wasn't a qb, he was an athlete. This is the same coaching staff that overlooked JT Barrett because they were committed to Tyrone Swoopes... I'm not saying Sark is going to be the savior, but he's done something Strong, Herman, or even Mack in his last 2 seasons couldn't do. And that's get one elite, high profile QB coming out of HS. He now has 2. Not saying Ewers is going to be a Heisman trophy winner, or Arch is going to be Peyton or Eli, I'm just saying I'll give Sark credit for pulling that. Texas fans haven't been truly optimistic about the qb position since Colt. Getting both of those guys is pretty impressive and warrants some excitement if you ask me.
  17. I hear this all the time, and as someone who has followed this program in depth the past 15 years, I can tell you what's different about what's been happening the past few days or even months than the previous decade. It's actually painfully obvious. Texas hasn't had this type of talent at the QB position since 2010. And look, jury's still out on Ewers and Arch, I know, but allow me to explain. Texas has failed in 1. the evaluation and 2. the development of the qb position the past 10 years. We see talented players bust all the time, but Texas has consistently failed at evaluating and developing talent, especially at this position. We've had Case McCoy, David Ash, Jerrod Heard, Tyrone Swoopes (TE now) and Sam. And as much as I love Sam, he didn't have near the upside talent wise as Ewers or Arch. So while I agree that Texas has always gotten the talent at other positions, the key here is that previous coaches has failed at evaluating and developing said talent at that specific position over a 10 year period. So saying "It’s not like they just all of the sudden got talent they didn’t have before." I would argue that's not exactly true. WR? yes. DB? yes. RB? yes. Not at quarterback. and I believe this is where Sarks past success in that room makes people more optimistic. He's brought in talent at the QB position we haven't seen in 10-11 years, and he has had a track record of being able to actually develop that talent. But like you and everyone else, I won't predict anything or believe anything until I see it on the field. Period.
  18. Which is crazy, because the talent coming out of Cali is ridiculous. If those kids stay in the pac, they are going to UCLA, Stanford, or Oregon state it seems like. I've seen quite a few kids from California playing in the SEC. Texas has quite a bit on the roster as well.
  19. Saw a crazy stat on the USC program. They've only made one super regional since 2002 and have just two winning seasons in 16 years... Yet, they have 12 national championships.
  20. Congrats Ags. You've got our number in baseball. The bats were left back in Austin for this trip. Nevertheless, ending your season in Omaha is always a good sign. On to 2023
  21. Agreed. A couple things on my end: Texas pitching has struggled giving up the long ball this year. I think Ameritrade gives them a little break there. A lot of people think the difference between last years CWS team and this years team is pitching, and while that's somewhat true (2021 - #1 ERA vs 2022 - #20ish era), what I think the difference has been is offense. The team last year really struggled at the plate, specifically with strikeouts. The improvement in the hitting department has been huge this year. I expect a lot of runs in Omaha. Biggest question is can the bullpen finish the work. We have to win Hansen's start tomorrow night.
  22. This is what caused the social media frenzy. They had a score taken back, but then Grier did it on the winning touchdown and it wasn't called back. So Herman's argument was, if you're going to throw the flag for the horns down and take the score back, why not do it for the last score? Social media turned this into Texas was whining, but in reality it was all about the inconsistency of the ruling. Sometimes it was a flag and sometimes it wasn't, and in the WV game the inconsistency is what Texas was fighting for because the no call essentially impacted the game. I also want to say Texas was flagged for doing the horns up after scoring this game too. It was weird and stupid.
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