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  1. When Scott and Darren retire they need to move back to their old stomping grounds and rebuild our program.
  2. Question for Carthage fans , how many kids from Carthage transfer to Beckville to play football?? Their QB is pretty dang good along with several other players.
  3. Beckville has a great QB , one of the best I've seen all year in any classification.
  4. I'm just waiting on alot of the athletes to transfer to Linden or Queen City. 0-8 wow
  5. Atlanta is gonna lose more players to the school just north of them soon. Their program is at rock bottom. I feel for the kids there that want to win. Their pipeline of getting kids from Queen City has dried up.
  6. Queen City QB Wiley is the real deal. I bet alot of schools in our area had him. He spins the ball like a pro. This team is gonna be fun to watch.
  7. Atlanta is suffering this year , only one win.
  8. Word is Mclure is on the hot seat....any word ??
  9. Can someone confirm that coach Baysinger was hired forthis position?
  10. I dont know where most folks on here get their info....Queen City band director that won all the state championships moved on three years ago. He has been in Mineola for awhile now . All they need is a strong leader to come in and right the ship..
  11. JV did well this year , 8th graders were district champs 8n football .
  12. What is the latest on Queen City and their hunt for a new AD / Head Football coach ?
  13. What is the latest on Queen City and their hunt for a new AD / Head Football coach ?
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