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  1. I agree Nac Band is the best in district. Sorry everyone its not close regardless of all the props and neato glitter you want to douse yourself with on the field. There also is no greater sign that it is March on Smoaky than my endorsement of a 'best band in district' LOL. Mavchamp you are right. For whatever reason there is a disconnect between the face support other sports receive and football.
  2. Nac is a cluster at no fault of their fans or kids. I don't take your view as anything but factual. For years I have seen their mismanagement cost kids. WOKE and asleep at the same time. Agree with your points above. Can't wait until spring!
  3. Does Texas High bounce back from a poor second half of the season? Yes, they will be better. Does Marshall continue its upward trajectory under Alvarez & the Wing-T which took off last season? Yes, he is a good coach and established a better than expected foundation year one. Not sure they can beat Texas High to win district but will be great game. Does WH match/better their 8-2 mark from last season? No, they can't sustain this. This is my sleeper upset team for the district top 2. Could see a sneaky win over Marshall or Texas High to cause chaos. Does Hallsville fill the void left by Mosely who was Mr. Everything for the Bobcats in 2022? They will struggle. Mosely was a star and did everything. They have size but have lacked skill and speed in years past and they will return to earth next year. Does Pine Tree bounce back after back to back disappointing seasons? They are in the same boat as Mount Pleasant. They make too many mistakes and cost themselves on both sides of the ball. They will battle MP and Hallsville for four spot. Does MP finally get things on track? Possibly because of the drop-off from top 3 to 4th spot. Too many self-inflicted penalties and lack of discipline. Does Nac overcome a tumultuous winter after a wildly disappointing '22 season? Nac is a dumpster fire because of their district leadership. Half-woke and half-asleep at the same time.
  4. WInning regional finals is the benchmark for determining competitiveness. Beating up on area schools is one thing, beating one DFW school to get to the regional final is another, but winning the regional final and advancing is the true measure.
  5. How do they let those athletes play again this season RIDICULOUS AND SOFT!
  6. Great town and school spirit. Will be a good opportunity.
  7. Heard this as well at UIL yesterday
  8. I hate to see a program as accomplished as John Tyler struggle to find a suitable replacement. It would not have been many years ago that this job would have elicited the top coaching talent in the state.
  9. Yup and it was not earthshattering. There was a public comment which the lady said they shouldn't hire from within the current JT staff. Other than that nothing crazy
  10. I agree with this. Not a hot take but I think January board meeting is target for announcement.
  11. Two of my Tyler friends (both alumni) said this board meeting will be eventful. I have no idea if they are pulling my leg or not
  12. I'm late to this and in oklahoma today which is even worse...are both head coaching jobs or only one job in TISD open?
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