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  1. The other argument is most if not all east texas schools would rather have a state championship in football than basketball
  2. Think many of the better East Texas schools are getting used to advancing to the regional tournament hitting the wall.
  3. East Texas basketball just can't get over the hump. Seems like quality just isn't there compared to schools from DFW. Regional tournament and done has been the song for many ETX schools.
  4. Well my Pirates have fallen into the ocean this season. Will be interesting to watch the way the boys top 4 fall.
  5. Tatum hungry for Football success and willing to provide resources and support early also a plus
  6. As a Pine Tree Pirate this is the weakest boys and girls basketball districts I have ever seen. I say this respectfully but everyone is so-so at best.
  7. My word from former coworker who recently worked in Atlanta is administration is all over the place and there is no foundation for success until old boy network retires...
  8. Congratulations to Texas High. When is the last time Texas High beat Mount Pleasant boys basketball?
  9. Mavchamp, how do you figure? Longview has a pretty decent record...
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