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  1. Okay, before the playoffs start...From a Pine Tree fan... How much of your team was /is composed of seniors? Who will be hit hardest
  2. How about when my granddaughter and her husband (interracial relationship) get accosted at WH. SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT THE DISTRICT
  3. Whitehouse and their constant elitism is what bothers me the most. Going to a game there you get judge for what you do, judge for who you are, and it's more about what cars we drive than the football game. I couldn't care less about the district itself. It's an average white flight school in my opinion. I wish them nothing but the best but that doesn't take away from how they treat people
  4. So let me ask this, how is the current coach developing players? Lane at Pine Tree has done a great job. Not sure about other coaches but he has taken us from zero to hero.
  5. The trouble for Nac is not taking care of schools like Whitehouse and Mount Pleasant. They have the same problem as Mount Pleasant. I think Mount Pleasant is going to shock some teams this year. Pine Tree and Texas High will decide who wins district. Whitehouse doesn't seem like a threat to me to finish fourth. I think it's Mount Pleasant. Nac reminds me of Greenville. For years, Greenville lacked coaching. Greenville now has a great coaching staff. It remains to be seen about Nac and their coach
  6. Is Whitehouse just well coached or do they have some athletes?
  7. Whoever wins between Whitehouse and Nac will square off against Mt. Pleasant for the 4 spot.
  8. Pine Tree and Mt. Pleasant shaping up to be a huge game for playoff spot. Whitehouse not impressive this year.
  9. Mavchamp....what did you think about DCTF rankings for the district?
  10. there will not be any get ready all the SMOAKY POLICE will be out on the lookout for you if you say anything you SEE OR HEAR
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