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  1. no turf! I wish very few stadiums had turf
  2. Mount Pleasant doesnt play as well on the road. Think MP scrapes together a win but long bus ride and low crowd could hurt.
  3. HSISD administration and leadership is notoriously abysmal. A wonderful hometown community and support system only to be squandered. Bring in new blood!
  4. My fault that's the one I'm referring to and I agree they've made it woke
  5. Apparently I'm blocked until 2099 and I'm unable to chat on the app. Is this having for anyone else?
  6. Not sure about anyone being hurt - maybe some egos
  7. Pitt is down a few card-carrying starters so I am going with Mount Pleasant
  8. I'm curious what the Pittsburg folks think about the game this year
  9. Concrete ground level with 6 foot fence was unique to me. This stadium is like a lot I see in this era. Spacious and clearly designed but without much character to the school and action. I think in the coming years we will see more gametime social areas (covered patios, food trucks, etc). These get people to the games earlier and will spend more money.
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