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  1. Why cant you do it yourself? Dragons by 8
  2. New drinking game, take a shot every time Daingerfield fumbles
  3. Did I see someone mention opening up a can? I'm game!!
  4. Nall, back seat of a Mustang at Rocky Branch
  5. Big enough to open up a 55 gallon can of whoop ***
  6. Quarterback for the Cason Tech Flying Green Eagles
  7. Coming from the dude that talks in every forum of every team from El Paso to Waskom For the record I'm from Gober Texas, moved here from Telephone
  8. What in the sam hill does last year or even 5 years ago have to do with this year.
  9. Scrimmage has been moved to Friday. Write it down.
  10. Looks like we need to get a boxing ring and open up a can. I mean just how big a boy are ya.
  11. Not from Hughes Springs but thanks for the laugh.
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