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  1. Dfield would have done good in the state trackmeet if the mims kid was running they had the fastest 4x4 relay and would have competed in the sprint and mims would have won easy in the 200 heck his time from his jr yr wasn't even close to being beat

    My Uncle 'would have' been my Aunt if (oh never mind you wouldn't understand)


    Gladewater 'would have' beat Gilmer 'if' they'd got a good spot

  2. They brought up Baseball. And you are right about one thing. As of late Dfield don't compare well with HS. And of late is all that counts. Now, you need to get serious about the mental issues.Call Ed and set up an appointment. Whatever happened between you guys can't be that bad. He is a great guy. Stop making a fool of yourself attempting to trash a good staff. Just go up to the fieldhouse and hug it out :). You may get lucky, I hear there's a janitor spot open at the JH campus.


    I hear Waskom has a few janitor positions open as well

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  3. Did or did not kids quit the team last year?

    Also what specific changes did the coaches do against PP or Hooks last year when they were getting killed?

    Players are not the problem coaches don't put them in the best position to win week in week out.

    I see more than one or two game a year!


    PP coaches get the most out of their players week in week out coaches actually care about our kids.

    Are you a coach or just disgruntled parent that doesn't like Coach ED?

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