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  1. Write me in sir, write me in, and tell all your friends in Panola County
  2. I got a 25 gallon drum for you, Raymond said that's all it would take, boy
  3. Wouldn't waste my gas during year much less playoffs to see either one.
  4. What's best game to attend in East Texas this Friday and why.
  5. I'll open up a can on both of yall, and make ya like it
  6. The Mustangs gonna be all over Linden like stink bait on a treble hook in the middle of the Sulphur River
  7. Fellers bout 30 minutes past my bed time already. Y'all need to simmer down. I got a 55 gallon drum out back. I was saving for tomorrow but I'll open it up tonight if I need to.
  8. Com on, I can handle it. I'll be on all y'all like a spider monkey
  9. They gonna be on each other like a stray dog in a alley dumpster
  10. These two teams gonna be on each other like red ants on a spilt snowcone
  11. Well I can see some folks can't take a joke and never heard the Roy D. Mercer phone pranks before.
  12. Just how big a boy are ya? This is Roy D Mercer, don't make me open up a can of whoop
  13. Kids are flat and just going through the motions on both sides of the ball. No intensity or sideline leadership amongst the kids.
  14. Anyone know if this game has been changed? Can't find anything on this thread about it.
  15. How about if you have a problem with the way a Athletic Program is ran, you go up to the field house and discuss it with the coaches? Bashing coaches on forum boards or social media is juvenile and doesn't accomplish anything.
  16. That's not very good. Hope y'all made something happen.
  17. Read a few weeks ago Hughes Springs had a new kid that kicks. How is that kid doing?
  18. Curious to see what TASO does if 1.The school doesn't do something to kids 2. UIL doesn't do something to kids
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