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  1. It's only Tuesday, by Friday this should be good.
  2. But can you fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee?
  3. Looks like I'm gonna have to open up a can on somebody. Just how big a boy are ya?
  4. Seen Rock95 in DeBerry this morning, said he was on the way to the school for his TV interview with Fox Sports Southwest
  5. Wonder which will happen first, Daingerfield winning a game this year or Blue Bell back in the freezers at Brookshires
  6. Ok so maybe Paul Pewitt had a tougher non district strength of schedule those seven years but three of those years both teams was in the same district playing the same teams. Combined district records of each over the past three years with the SAME opponents is as follows. Paul Pewitt 11-8 Hughes Springs 18-1 Those overall records aren't misleading.
  7. I don't follow either program closely so I did a small amount of research on both. Information was obtained from the historical section of this site and lonestarfootball.net The current Hughes Springs coach became AD in 07 and the Paul Pewitt had a coaching change in 08. 2008-2014 will be the reference years. In said years Hughes Springs complied a record of 54-27 with the counter part Paul Pewitt 49-34 in the same time frame. Obtained also was the head to head records of those years. Hughes Springs holds 4-1 record over Paul Pewitt in those years. Bickering on who taught who what is immaterial, but it seems if Paul Pewitt taught Hughes Springs they are getting beat at their own game.
  8. I'm from neither town but it seems Hughes Springs started running that offense the year after Liberty Hill won state. Memory serve me right popoff?
  9. The original argument was last 40 years between y'all two Records since 1980 EF 265-137 .659 Waskom 174-195 .472
  10. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, give us a prediction NOW like you called Horns out on! Looking at the Mustangs schedule, I predict 8-2
  11. Mustang I agree with you. I've only seen Hughes Springs once per year the last handful of years, but they average 4-5 yards a carry against us! Haven't needed to pass more than 5 times a game! I've also seen at all levels of football, instances of the Offensive Coordinator being micromanaged by the head coach so much that he isn't allowed to open the play calling up!
  12. You have a good point, I do the same for my daughters Volleyball and Basketball teams! Seems I read one time you saying you have a younger fellow too though!
  13. GoBigBlue, glad you can be unbiased this year and tell us all how you really feel
  14. Pewitt and Speed? You must be talking about a different kind of speed than athletic speed
  15. Typical, every Elysian Fields thread turns into a Waskom thread
  16. Are the applicants not informed of these things in the interview process? The interview should be just as much the applicant asking questions as the committee asking the applicant questions! I don't rationalize why these things are told/asked at the last minute!
  17. Prairiland and Hughes Springs would be logical there or Mt Pleasant but both are already taken
  18. Very little drop off from HS 1-3 pitcher
  19. Rotation as in starter? I was under impression he is a middle reliever.
  20. I've heard White Oak and Hughes Springs are supposed to play Saturday. Can anyone from WO confirm that and if so when/where?
  21. isn't Queen City and Linden usually pretty good?
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