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  1. You're as lost as last year's Easter eggs.
  2. Coldspring kids are out Thursday and Friday due to the county fair. Several student athletes are out with Ag/FFA. This bye week was built in for this week due to the fair.
  3. Wayne Gandy was the man! "Dodge this" was what he would tell people when he was asked for why he did the helmets like that.
  4. I live that way several years back and liked Daryl's. Those breakfast burritos were great!
  5. Haha....my wife found this out last week after being warned several times.
  6. This is what I was referring to in my original post. And attacking the 4th place finish PREDICTION. Then the personal style question. I probably should have quoted those instead of the post I did.
  7. This argument is pretty stupid. Dude just stated a legit opinion and gets personally and professionally attacked for it. What a joke!
  8. I'm hearing they may have their guy.
  9. They have a couple of guys on staff with impressive resumes.
  10. I spent a year at one of the schools on this list a few years ago when they were riding a 27 game losing streak...I was stoked because it was my first coaching job and was hired just a couple weeks before 2adays. But, I could tell almost instantly why coaches didn't stay very long.
  11. Didn't Krum have a good run a few years ago and upset Sweetwater in the playoffs?
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