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  1. It's gonna be world series or bust tbh. You're 5 outs away from defeating the defending al (and eventual world series) champs, and the pressure will be much higher.
  2. How many more years does he have? And when he does hang it up, will the spurs be OK? I think they'll be fine (31 point win w/ out him last night against houston)
  3. Is there a stream to this game that anyone knows of?
  4. Lovelady player just txt me saying the game was in brenham. Can anyone confirm? And time and date?
  5. Lovelady plays refugio. Does anyone have any idea where and when the game is?
  6. Here's the fb post from lovelady athletics.
  7. All the ### talking San augustine shutting up now lmao
  8. My understanding is lovelady and Cushing game 1 is in lovelady now due to wet field in Cushing? What about 2 and (if needed) 3? The locations? Thanks
  9. Boy all these rangers fans sure are quiet about making fun of the Astros this year....
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