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  1. Obviously one of the people on meth I was referring to! Put the pipe down!
  2. https://www.panolawatchman.com/news/parent-files-lawsuit-against-carthage-isd-says-district-didn-t/article_0654e742-498e-11e8-adce-677dcec4fbdf.html I personally could care less about anything that goes on in East Texas, but this is criminal. You have the administration, including the head coach, covering up for a half high school quarterback after he was caught filming an underage girl in the shower and "passing" the video around to friends and an assistant coach. Everybody still has their job and the punk kid is still playing. I realize it is East Texas and it's almost a foreign country, but damn! NOT ONLY DID NOTHING HAPPEN, THE HEAD COACH GOT A $21k RAISE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT AND CARTHAGE FIRED ITS ONLY SECURITY GUARD TO OAY FOR IT! I realize meth use is high in this part of the state, but you would hope the Administration had better sense! Obviously not!
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