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  1. Pleasant Grove Wing T offense it's good watch they possibly throw better than most out of The Formation it's a pick your poison when it's on they can be as dangerous most pro and spread teams
  2. Who is the new coach gonna be
  3. Yeah but I still l say 2017 beaten was best because most people didnt see it coming that squad was loaded
  4. Kids transferring schools nothing new in TK like yall said been going on for long time but kids are thinking about next level stuff early now they wanna win and win now so let's link up go to school who's winning but over years take look back each school in city has lost some players over times rival or in town schools
  5. Hey think it could be good game I would be interested see how it turns out yeah PG is legit they foreal but again Scrappers are still well known team in our area also
  6. This should be good game PG travels too Nashville both great programs with winning tradition be good test for both teams start year
  7. I want see PG vs Texas High time settle things bunch talk in town for years let's put on field I think it's time we played Arkansas High and LE is in district just imagine them two play Texarkana again show up would love it Hopefully near future can happen
  8. Texas High they good now actually they could won that playoff game had chances put them away early they didn't do it all them guys coming T-High should do good this year
  9. Them black ones and maroons also LE I liked the Full Tilt and Heart and Soul on our Jersey plus all gold and the grey ones we got for PG
  10. Yeah I have go with my school but it was hard tho SH is tight them gray ones
  11. #1 Pleasant Grove Hawks #2 Liberty Eylau #3 Gilmer #4 Pittsburg #5 Spring Hill #6 North Lamar
  12. Last year game was epic this year game I believe be same but I think it could possibly happen just imagining all East Texas State Game wow Jerry World would be packed come that game can't miss game
  13. PG Josh Gibson he's a motivates his team gets best out of all he's players and coaches he true leader going too be little tougher get out of Region 2 but you want that cause it's gets you stronger
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