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  1. From EF it's a tie between Johnny Moseley & Chris Harris for best all around athlete
  2. Has Baylor offered yet? I think Hunt is getting some playing time there
  3. Just goes to show you that this is a bull**** poll.
  4. Offensive- #20 Smith-RB #23 Ratliff-RB #30 Johnson-RB #4 Ratliff-WR #17 Myers-WR #2 Moseley-WR #50 Webb-OL #57 Dudley-OL #65 Jade-OL #78 Johnson-OL Defense - #27 Crisp-LB #22 Dickson-LB #23 Ratliff-LB #4 Ratliff-DB #17 Myers-DB #2 Moseley-DB Special Team- #81 Bush-K
  5. I attended all of the EF games and I didn't see anybody better than Dylan Parker at WR
  6. I gave respect where respect was due cause Waskom earned it
  7. I saw alot of Gilbert in him with that throwing motion trying to look pretty with every pass and thats not gonna get him far at the next level trying to be mechanical with every throw, it caused Gilbert into throwing alot of int's which got him benched at Texas
  8. The district champs EF will be the team to beat
  9. Me too, but he does have another son coming up to varsity next yr
  10. Good QB and good receivers stepping up next yr, main thing is only lost one lineman and all RB's return and two good receivers return
  11. Nick you have lost your mind putting EF 5th
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