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  1. Yes. Our fb was playing just didn’t play much #36 and #4 who is the WR
  2. Our number one WR, Rb, and Fb. Oh and the kicker.
  3. I would be the most uninteresting person ever on the radio or tv lol. That is definitely a skill as you already know.
  4. Maybe for the right price you can get Eagleborn to give you a play by play over the phone.
  5. Congrats.. just like that you guys are in the 4th round! What a turn around!
  6. I think it’s a popularity vote also a lot of times.
  7. Community support seems to be really good. They treated Adams great from my understanding but for what ever reason had some kids sit out this year. They’ve been competitive for the last few years other than this year but seems to run into teams like Alto and can’t compete with the athletes. But.... for the most part I think it’s a lot if parents that don’t want their kids in Gladewater or Gilmer. Not all but seems to me that’s how it is.
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