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  1. You are point on! It don’t matter what sport your playing. It all starts mentally. Speak positive and receive positive results. Speak negative and you will receive negative results.
  2. can’t speak for all of the teachers but definitely know this one is and if you think that the players having negative thoughts is helping then your welcome.
  3. He was a load and a very good running back but was shut down by the Dawg D
  4. Just speaking the truth what comes from a very respected teacher at Gilmer and that’s that
  5. If your talking about Abdoula no he graduated
  6. That’s all good what your saying but I’m just telling you what the kids saying In classroom when they have to play Carthage
  7. HF scored once and that was a blown coverage play and they got lucky. The second score was late in the 4th against the JV defense.
  8. You are correct! Best post I’ve seen on here.
  9. What I’m saying is they are mentally beat before they get off the bus. I know a teacher from Gilmer that says that the last two years everytime they play Carthage they have no confidence and are saying in the classroom that they have no chance at beating Carthage. This is the starters saying this.
  10. Gilmer can’t beat Carthage. They are beat before they get off the bus.
  11. I think they are very close to the same. Gilmer vs CS would be a heck of a game to watch.
  12. Your right about Gilmer is a different Gilmer. I’m sure they’ve improved since that game. There’s one problem though. Carthage is a different team also. Remember that when they played early in the year that was Gilmers 5th game of the season and that was only Carthage’s 3rd game of the season and Carthage still won. I don’t think there would be anything different if they played again.
  13. You could be right but I hope Carthage plays a good clean game with no turnovers.
  14. I feel the same! Our scores are almost the same. I said 35-14 without turnovers
  15. I will take a good balanced team anyday over a good one dimensional team
  16. Gilmer wins won’t see any competition until they play Celina
  17. If Carthage don’t turn the ball over they win 35-14. I think CS is a good team about like Gilmer. Just not good enough to beat the Dawgs.
  18. The closest anyone has played Carthage all year was Crosby. They are a good 5a team that Carthage beat in the first game of the year 27-24. Funny thing is that almost half of Carthage’s team was out with covid and a lot of young backups played in that game but somehow Carthage still won. Crosby is 9-2 overall and 7-0 in district play. They are a good 5a team. I’ve said from the beginning of this year that this years Carthage team will be just like the Baltimore Ravens team the year they won the Super Bowl. They didn’t have a high powered offense but what they had was a ferocious defense that smothered their opponents. Ray Lewis was the leader of that defense just like Kip Lewis is the leader of Carthage’s defense. Ray Lewis would tell the offense if y’all can score a few times that’s all we need because we will take care of the rest. If Carthage’s offense can take care of the ball and not turn it over multiple times and put a few scores on the board then that Dawg D will win the game for them everytime and nobody in 4a will beat Carthage. I can even see Madrano Carthage’s field goal kicker playing a big role deep in the playoffs this year. A win is a win no matter if you win by 3. Good luck Dawgs the rest of the way! Hats off to that Dawg D!!!!!
  19. I’ve been reading all of your posts and it seems like you are so against Carthage and all of the achievements that they have made. You must be from Kilgore Carthage will win state again
  20. Yeah that dudes a clown! You are right about everything you said. Yeah we hung 70 on them but did it with CLASS!!!!!!! It would of been 100-14 if the starters stayed in. SS is the Master but I want to give a big shout out to Coach Preston defense coach!!! Best defense I’ve ever seen. Like I said earlier In the week reminded me of the Navasota defense in 2012!! They just make good teams look bad!!! Go Dawgs!!!!!!
  21. Good job this year Gilmer. Y’all have a good team. Like I said before that Dawg D just makes a good team look bad. Enjoy this victory and go get number 9 next year!!!
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