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  1. The way Van played Gilmer tells me they are really good. But this is a big rivalry game. I'll take Lindale in a close one.
  2. Thanks for the recap. Glad were looking a little better. Hopefully this next scrimmage will help before the 1st game.
  3. Jakelee. How is lindale looking this year. I haven't heard much
  4. Anyone know how Lindale is looking this year? Haven't heard anything about last nights scrimmage with Crandall.
  5. Haven't been on in awhile, so I'm behind. I like Lindales chances of making the playoffs in this district. I see it going.. 1. Marshall 2. Nac 3. Lindale 4. Whitehouse 5.Jacksonville 6. Hallsville 7. PT 8.MP
  6. Think he's been gone atleast 2 seasons now. He played at a junior college last year. Can't remember if it was tjc or Trintiy valley. he walked on to mississippi State and pretty sure he made their team.
  7. Disappoined in how Lindales season ended. Thought we had a good shot going into the Jacksonville game. Wasn't at the Whitehouse game, but heard it was a heartbreaker. Hoping realignment is good to us. Would love to drop down a class.
  8. I was hopefully going in to the Ennis game that we could atleast make it respectable. Man. Luckily, I feel like Ennis is the best in the district, so we shouldn't have another game like that. I'll take Lindale by 3.
  9. I thought we'd play them a little closer. Tough game. Congratulations to Van.
  10. Thinking we should play Terrell close, going by the Forney scores. Should be a good game.
  11. This week: Lindale vs Forney Whitehouse @ Chapel Hill Nac @ Lufkin Ennis @ John Tyler Corsicana @ Tyler Lee Jacksonville @Palestine My picks: Lindale Whitehouse Lufkin John Tyler Tyler Lee Jacksonville
  12. Lindale was in a close game with Kaufman. Don't know much about Forney, but going with the eagles.
  13. Jakelee, sounds like the scrimmage was rough. Not sure what to expect Friday.
  14. Sounds like the scrimmage didn't go well. Not real sure what to expect. But I'll be a homer and go Lindale in a close one
  15. I haven't heard anything. Was hoping someone here had.
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