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  1. They are relying heavily on the Knights of the Old Republic Video game too as influence. No way Rey is a Solo. She spent too much time with Han and Leia in the movie for them not to recognize her. Why she is Luke's daughter -- 1. Natural mechanic and pilot like Anakin and Luke 2. Starts her jedi training late like Anakin and Luke 3. Comes from a dessert planet like Anakin and Luke 4. In the battle with Kylo, the light saber coming out of the the snow to Rey was a direct reference to Empire Strikes back where Luke pulls his lightsaber out of the snow when he is captured by the snow yeti. 5. This is circumstantial = she is more natural to the force than her possible cousin Ben Solo i.e. Kylo Ren. She kicks his tail even though its her first time with a lightsaber. 6. When Kylo is interrogating her, he says he sees islands and oceans in her mind..... Where do we find Luke? 7. Finally, where is the map to find Luke? On the same planet as Rey. He obviously wanted her to find him.
  2. Go to the reddit : star wars leaks
  3. OK the spoilers are everywhere now --- and they are great. Stay away from internet if you want to avoid them --- there are some big ones. BIG ONES.
  4. He graduated this week, so he get to use that dumb graduate school clause.
  5. I also think Bob knows if he plays a contest against Trevor Knight - the luckiest QB ever in Sugar Bowl history - it is an automatic W for OU. Please stay in the Big 12 Trevor Knight - you owe us a couple wins from that awful campaign you put together last year.
  6. Louie Gohmart, front on the sidelines, has personally sent the referee who called that taunting call to Git Mo. Not, a Gilmer in any form, that taunting call on that last Gilmer drive was awful. You never want to help decide a game like in crucial drive with a minor taunting call. I'm mad, and I don't even like Gilmer.
  7. I love stealing All American caliber QBS from Texas teams. Boomer Sooner
  8. ^I'm sure TCU throws a little extra cash for staying in Ft. Worth.
  9. The worst thing that can happen to the cowboys is go 7-9/8-8, win the division, get killed by the Vikings or Seahawks, and get a mediocre draft pick.
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