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  1. You won’t find me under a rock. Tell us why you are such a Rivercrest troll. The teams have never played, or are you just that much of a trolling piece of trash?
  2. Good luck Bulldogs for a great season. Not every Crester is talking trash. Hope every game is good and all the players stay safe.
  3. Nope I'm right here, what? Am I supposed to come on here and get in to it with you guys and seeing my son walk off the field for the last time in high school with tears in his eyes. It's not worth it. You people do nothing but try to goat people into confrontation, while hiding behind your keyboards. I make no apologies for taking up for my son, admit it or not, most fathers would have done the same. Saying that, it's been a great year for Texas high school football.
  4. He was barefoot after the game Friday but walking around fine. I would bet he plays.
  5. If it's close at halftime, look out. CV coaches made great halftime adjustments against Rivercrest offensely. Rivercrest had a lead in the third. Once a play started one direction, Rivercrest had to send everyone to the edge, CV started the sweep, then cut back to the middle where no one was. Then it was watching 42 run. This should be a great game, hope both teams come out of it healthy and represent reg3 the rest of the way.
  6. No, he caught the ball right before halftime. Then on your first possession in the third quarter you threw the same pass down to the other end zone. That was dropped. You stupid idiot loser. I had much respect but you are so ignorant you can't see through the basketball you guys are dribbling now. Do you want to continue. Yes I saw the ball on the ground rolling and the ref was way out of position. And do we want to bring up the three out of bounds cheap shots that LL did. One of which was right in front of you blind fans. And win the second half, that's a stupid statement for anyone to make.
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