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  1. Is it me or is East Texas 5A/6A football really really bad right now. Barring a few exceptions, I'm not seeing good football being played between any of these teams right now. Between District 16-17 5A especially. Nobody really knows who is going to make the playoffs, not because they are all really good. It's because they aren't good at all. Not good football games across the board.
  2. Any other info on spring game dates? Lufkin? Texas High? Is Marshall doing spring ball? Hallsville?
  3. Sounds like a good plan for him. He went through a rough deal this spring.
  4. Well good luck to Lindale and all moving forward! I want Tyler area schools to control the state! Tyler, Texas all the way!
  5. Sounds like a complete cluster over there. Nobody knows why Cochran is now staying and he's no longer "the right fit" for Belton?
  6. Congratulations to Coach McFarlin. I would not be surprised with his lineage and background if he actually did a lot of it behind the scenes. Just hope maybe they can do well without the level of talent they had last year.
  7. Didn't they go ahead and name an interim?
  8. This would make more sense than someone coming back? I was hoping Randy would have gotten the Lee job this year. I'm sure his son is probably a good coach, coming from his background. He will have a really good one (his dad) to draw some knowledge from if needed. I know a lot of people are still mad he is not in W.house anymore. That change has worked out well for them, haha.
  9. If this were the case, who would it be? Why would they come back?
  10. Tyler Lee spring game is May 26th
  11. Why did the umpire run from first to home anyway? Why not let the home plate umpire watch that?
  12. True, just like they did last year. However, last year I believe the entire district went out in the first round (maybe 1 of them made the second round). The year before that, I know Ennis won the State Champ and JT lost in the Semifinals. Pretty big difference in competition from one year to the next.
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