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  1. I can't prove anything and I'm not trying to. I'm not on anybody's side . Just making observations. It has been reported that he has lost multiple appeals. Why do you think he settled before another appeal at the federal level? My point is that I'm sure there was a settlement offer at the beginning and I would be willing to bet it was for more than 200k.
  2. I think if he could do it over again he would have settled before he suing for Wrongful Termination. I mean he lost like 5 different appeals and I'm pretty sure Troup offered more than 200k in the beginning. So he has wasted two years and essentially lost money. Not much of a win.
  3. Troup will return 8 on Offense and 7 on Defense
  4. Looks pretty good! I could see Daingerfield go to the North district and Frankston move East to Arp's district. But I could see it this way too.
  5. Projected East Texas Chisum, Cooper, Daingerfield, Dekalb, Omaha PP, Prairland, Queen City Alba, Edgewood, Grand Saline, Harmony, Quitman, Winona Arp, EF, Frankston, New Diana, Ore City, Troup, Waskom
  6. If that happened you could get a ..... Arp Ef Frankston New Diana Ore City Troup Waskom
  7. Word is that got "worked out" in WR
  8. ?????? Arp had 15 Seniors, 13 Juniors, 6 Soph. EF ---- 15 sr - 10 Jr. - 5 Soph Troup -- 11 Sr - 15 Jr. - 3 Soph West Rusk - 9 Sr - 16 Jr. - 3 Soph - 2 Frosh Waskom - 11 Sr - 19 Jr - 1 Soph From watching Arp on film..... Offensive Starters--- 6 Seniors, 4 Juniors, 1 sophomore. With other 2 soph. getting time Defensive Starters--- 4 Seniors, 3 Juniors, 4 Soph. So because 4 sophomores played a lot that means they are a JV?? IN reality and not "JM delusion world", Arp was a normal Varsity team that was a down for Arp standards. Especially for a team on the "verge" of 2A. But at least all the juniors and sophomores are D1 recruits.
  9. LOL JM takes the "you can't make a shot if you don't shoot" approach. Dude literally makes so many predictions that never come true. Like ever. Maybe 1 out of 10. "Arp is dropping to 2A." "Arp will beat Newton 26-14" "WR 30+ over Newton" . "Yall will struggle moving the ball and might make a couple TD's late in the game against Arp." "Arp basketbal will make a run at State" Just because EF throttled Arp doesn't mean they are capable of beating Newton. The only team in the district that beat them is WR. Period. The End.
  10. Don't think Arp is going down if what I just heard from a pretty reliable source is true. I hear that word is from HS office that they are in the 260s
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