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  1. Waskom always plays fast and aggressive, Daingerfield talks trash with the best of them. Either way this will be a hard hitting, trash talking battle for four quarters.
  2. Pewitt brought a little wood with them tonight. Hope they bring a whole bus load next Friday.
  3. Everyone needs to relax about Pewitt and Strickland. This team has had 7 weeks together with a new defense and new coaching staff and for 10 days of that time they were shut down for COVID. What do people expect? They have a sophomore QB, an entirely new defense and most of the Oline is still shuffling around trying to find the right fit. I agree the mistakes and penalties have got to stop and the kids aren’t playing with a lot of extensity yet but to expect perfection from them with all that’s gone in is crazy. I’m not saying we win state, we may not win a game but give them a break. We’ve he
  4. Is it fair to question why a coach left a 1-9 team after two seasons? We just had a coach leave a state finalist team after two seasons and no one questioned his decision. Yeah I’m sure that there will be people who get their feelings ruffled about this statement but it a valid question. Simple answer is all coaches are human and at the end of the year they all do what they feel like is best for them and their family. No one is perfect, if the worst thing someone can find to say about him is he has high standards and he holds his kids accountable then how bad can he be.
  5. He sat a star athlete that didn’t want to act right is what I heard. If that’s true good for him. Sometimes good people end up in places that just don’t fit. This guy has a long resume and at least two state championship rings as an assistant. One under Surrat in Carthage and one in Henderson. Also has coached in a couple of FCA allstar games. Seems like a pretty solid guy.
  6. I won't debate anyone qualifications, I'm sure the district will do the work to find the right guy. I was just responding to the posters who seemed to think it's already wrapped up for an inhouse hire. I do not believe that is the case. I see no reason for Pewitt not to test the waters and see what's out there. Coach Kumrow is the only AD in as long as I can remember that came from within.
  7. I have no doubt that Pewitt will hire the best candidate for the job. Pretty sure there isn't anyone guaranteed the job as this point. It is great that York has stepped up his game. I definitely agree that if you want the part you have to act like you already have it. Somebody is going to get a great job. Who wouldn't want to take over a program that just played at Jerrys world and is bringing back a TON of starters on both sides of the ball. Going to be interesting to see who ends up with this one.
  8. That’s misleading. Teachers are paid based on years of experience. A teacher with 15 years makes more than a teacher with 5 years. If HS and Dfield have averages higher than PP then it’s because they have teachers with more years of experience on average. Average pay is not a valid way to evaluate how schools pay. Look at the salary schedule. There’s not 1000 difference between them.
  9. Show me a 2 year AD in a school of 240 kids that makes 85k in East Texas. By saying this, I am not knocking Coach Abron, I am just saying that Pewitt is competitive in our market and to say otherwise is untrue. There is way more that goes into an AD's salary than just athletics. You pay the AD that much now the rest of admin is #### because they don't make that. Small schools are in a tough spot. They just have to do the best they can.
  10. DeKalb ISD has a very competitive market-based pay plan - Starting base pay for teachers for is $32,500
  11. If I'm not mistaken, both of those coaches have many more years of AD experience than Coach Abron and they don't pay that much more than Pewitt. It would be reasonable to assume that an AD with 20 years experience would make more than an AD with 2 years. They probably haven't played in a state title game which definitely means something but they still have many years under their belt.
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