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  1. And the defense hasn’t allowed a TD. The offense has had over 500 yds both games. They have not been like this in a long time. Carry on with your mentality, though.
  2. I guess you haven’t seen ND this season. Hold that thought for a few more weeks.
  3. Explain how when NB could not stop ND until the scuffle. What you are passing off as victory is nowhere near, but good luck.
  4. ND - 75 yd TD on the first play, 65+ yd TD by the QB on a scramble, 40 yd TD on a screen pass, 45+ yd corner route for a TD, and a pick 6 that was blown dead for safety in the controlled. NB - 1 pick 6 from about 15 yds out that was allowed to score, 2 TDs in the controlled. The “safety” was supposed to be placed on the -25, but was started on the -10 & the best OL was pulled after the scuffle when an NB player fired the ball at the back of his head. Feel free to watch the film, but that above is called domination.
  5. Not trolling. I was there. Redwater was, too. They agree it was a domination. ND scored 5-6 times to NB’s 3. It had nothing to do with slow starts. ND OL & DL dominated the scrimmage. The live started strangely with the ball spotted incorrectly & subs in for ND on OL, due to the scuffle. I wasn’t at the Sabine scrimmage, but heard ND outscored Sabine 3 TDs to 0.
  6. Incorrect. I was there. ND dominated.
  7. I think you meant, “Got dominated by New Diana.”
  8. Anyone have any new info from Rose City??
  9. Realignment happens every two years. The UIL gets enrollment counts in October, then redraws districts accordingly. Allen had over 7000 students last time, I believe.
  10. Tell me which school at any level is more successful. Who wins more often, in more sports/events?
  11. Nope. That’s Peaster. Ponder is near Denton and Northwest ISD.
  12. You are right. It won’t be close. 55-17 Red Raiders over the Panthers.
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