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  1. Realignment happens every two years. The UIL gets enrollment counts in October, then redraws districts accordingly. Allen had over 7000 students last time, I believe.
  2. Tell me which school at any level is more successful. Who wins more often, in more sports/events?
  3. Nope. That’s Peaster. Ponder is near Denton and Northwest ISD.
  4. You are right. It won’t be close. 55-17 Red Raiders over the Panthers.
  5. Willis will do well, at least next year. Have a chance the year after that to have some success. Then, we’ll see.
  6. Let’s not act like the place was in shambles when Traylor left. The current staff had that place going up. Have a chance to be really good next year.
  7. Will Frankston even have a team? Hard to field a team with 0 coaches. Everyone may get 2 bye weeks.
  8. No. District of Doom is now 5-4A DI: Brownwood China Spring Gatesville Stephenville La Vega Followed by 7-4A DI: Anna Argyle Celina Melissa Paris North Lamar Sanger
  9. West is the AD at Collinsville. He surely won't be going. I've not heard of any assistants going with him. Some may. I'm pretty sure they were all new this year.
  10. Current Howe AD/HFC reportedly being hired at Mabank as HFC, per Matt Stepp.
  11. Matt Stepp reporting that Zach Hudson will leave Howe for the Mabank job.
  12. Well, it’s pretty clear you guys hadn’t seen Muenster play. They were crazy good all year. Proved it today.
  13. Maybe not, but they did fake punts on the plus side of the field late in games while leading heavily. They also onside kicked every single time regardless of the score or quarter.
  14. Waskom must have learned a thing or two after that game. They ran it up on everybody their first SC year.
  15. True, a hippo is bad for the girls, but at least hippos are dangerous. Sissies are the weakest thing a child can possibly be in the playground.
  16. I’ve got your winner. Bridgeport Boys are known as the Bulls. Back in the day, they were the Bullies. It became Bulls a while ago, but the Girls side never changed. Obviously, they can’t be Bulls. They were and still are the....................................... ............Sissies! I don’t know a worse possible mascot.
  17. I wouldn't count out the new coach, Mouser, at PP. Came in from Argyle. Definitely knows how to win.
  18. The fight club closed down? Nah, probably the wheels off principal/Sup situation.
  19. Maybe this will slow down the crazy train there. May be the most absurd few years I've witnessed at a district. Hopefully he can stop the revolving door that is, seemingly, being caused by the newish Sup.
  20. Another one and done? They should change their mascot to the Titanic. Place is sinking fast. I heard it's not just AD. Apparently around 65% of the HS faculty left this summer, too. There are some major issues there, according to the grapevine.
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