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  1. I have been very busy with work first time I have been on here in awhile.
  2. If remember right Hughes springs was 3-7 last year so not world beaters by no means and pretty sure they got beat pretty bad in their last game of the year. Coach Newton built program up from what it had been coach Ed won some game mostly the ones they were supposed to win. Coach Willis is in his first year give him and his coaches a chance. I'm sure they don't like losing like that either but it happens they will work harder and get better wait and see.
  3. I dont know how to make you understand that the new guy has not been there long enough yet to gave a influence on those kids. Whatever happened would have happened wouldn't have mattered who was thete
  4. One thing is for sure me or you had nothing to do with ed leaving i wish him the best. We just move on and support the kids and the guys that the school board hired. If not keep quite and be mad but don't wish bad on the kids or hope they have losing seasons just to make you feel better.
  5. Got what he inherited got to give the guy at least till his jr. High kids get to varisty.
  6. Again had nothing to do with new guy would have happened whoever was there but I guess you need someone to blame.
  7. Just laughable you know nothing about anything but when your wrong you start to attack peoples character tells alot about you. As for my kid I didn't need anyone to punish him I took care of it myself if you knew a little more about the situation you would know that. I could say some other stuff about you but I'm not gonna stoop that low. You can either support the new guy or not doesn't make any difference to us. I know its tough losing control of things but thats the way life goes.
  8. Thanks I think baseball was 2015 also and basketball futher back than that
  9. I wish someone could tell us when the last time H.S. has won district championship in football,basketball,and baseball I think baseball was around 2014 or 15 the other 2 sports is probably futher back than that.
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