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  1. So only 2 slot t offenses out of 24 teams and only 1 state championship!!!!
  2. Hughes Springs,Daingerfield,Pewitt,Hooks,Dekalb,New Boston, and Queen city. That would be a fun district!!
  3. They have had 3 years to get new ones and order the right ones so should have known
  4. Hughes Springs schools will close rest of this week no practices or games thus week
  5. Any way to listen to e.f. game tponight?
  6. Anybody know who is home team for first game?
  7. Anbody got any thoughts on E.F vs. MT. Vernon series?
  8. Anybodu know where Roberts is going g?
  9. Heard they might play Maud next week
  10. Better not speed in Frankston you will get a ticket. I did last friday
  11. This is always gonna be a problem In Texas football till Uil decided to make an example out of 1 school I hope its today.
  12. Its game day I can hear the thunder!!!
  13. So what your saying is if you dont catch your wife cheating the first 2 times then the 3rd time it makes it ok. Lol
  14. How about we all just move in really 3 players and see who wins I mean if you want to be fair.
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