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  1. The game will be played in Gladewater Thursday night at 7:00 P.M. Hughes Springs will be the visiting team.
  2. Exactly my point! Waskom was up 42 to nothing on HS at the half which means they will be up on QC by at least that in the first half. I have seen QC play Linden and Union Grove they are not even close to HS in my humble opinion. DawgPound2 you have a rude awakening if you think HS and QC are similar class this season.
  3. This will be a blowout. If Hughes Springs couldn't come close Queen City definitely wont!
  4. Yeah my thought is Atlanta fan is still bitter from that loss to HS
  5. EF will be tough. In my humble opinion EF and HS will battle for the district
  6. 6’3 230lb running back. Quarterback who got a lot of playing time last year and a few-lineman. A lot of sophomores will be starting but a bunch of athletes in that group with size and speed
  7. Hughes Springs will be young but will be tough
  8. No matter who wins next week great job to both teams. Way to represent East Texas!
  9. Everybody has a chance but I don't think New Boston will be close in this game. Hughes Springs by as much as they want.
  10. This will be a good game. It doesn't matter how good or bad either team may be they always play each other close. Well, most of the time anyway, 2015 was a blowout.
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