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  1. Yep. Same. Rumor mills workin overtime. Just hope whoever gets it has a crew of coaches that are gonna stay. New coaching staff every 2 years ain’t what we need
  2. Heard this as well if we’re talking about the same guy. Played part in couple ef state runs?
  3. I know max preps isn't always 100 % correct, but I just don't see the blow out y'all are predicting based on these stats
  4. its a lot man no doubt. just thankful to be from a place that comes together like we do
  5. If y'all could say a lil prayer for ef, Sam's family, and friends tonight. We've lost a young lady today who was a graduate last year. It's been a tough year for us
  6. that eb team was better than most college teams. I don't know if there will ever be another team in 3a that was as salty as them
  7. Congrats to Hughes on player of the week 12 did a good write up on him
  8. dude they shut yalls whole running game down, adding another rb wouldn't have made a difference
  9. you cant use chan amie as the excuse there when he didnt play the majority of that season
  10. realest post I've seen on a the smoak in a while. Kris will never be replaced or forgotten but his ability to lead his team didn't go anywhere. He may not physically be here, but everybody in the stands feels him with us, and those guys on the field know he's with them. He's a blessing to our team, and his family's support will always be a blessing to EF
  11. your more faithful to waskom than EF ha I got another wildcat avatar if you're ready to make the switchb
  12. My bday is this weekend too, looks like were gonna have a good one
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