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  1. All of which means nothing and has no bearing on this game at all.
  2. Everyone speaks of 10 for Timpson and he deserves all the accolades but the emergence of 8 has a massive impact on Bears winning the whole thing. He is quickly supplanting himself as one of the best RBs this area has seen. Speed and power. Throw in 56 and 14 on defense and they just have too many kids that win individual battles. Also 3 on offense has proven himself a more than capable weapon in passing game. Their overall team speed and aggressiveness reminds me of the Alto teams several years ago. While Garrison is a great team I just feel Timpson is on a run of generational talent that comes through and for 2A schools it’s just difficult to match…. Timpson will have to suffer an injury or have multiple turnovers to end their run. I have Bears by 14…..
  3. Timpson was so far ahead my son showed me the Timpson players were doing Snapchat at halftime in locker room
  4. You can wound Surratt but ya just can’t kill em…. Dawgs pull through in the clutch and finish on a 20-3 scoring run
  5. You mean they couldn’t find a stadium with large enough capacity to watch this game….. completely sold out!!!!
  6. Coin flip…. Perhaps Garrison’s ability to throw the ball some is what gives them the ultimate advantage in the end…. Both are big and physical and hard to run against
  7. Just for smack talkn sake, Logansport La is doing all kinds of talkn that they would smoke this Timpson team…. Truly some delusional folks in this world… Them and HG must be smoking the same bag….
  8. Only problem with this game is the winner may have some injuries because this oughta be an absolute war… Timpson gets a team that more than likely won’t be full strength
  9. Here we go, calling for the coach’s head. This didn’t take long. #2 is amazing. The rest are just ok ftball players. Nobody else besides #2 had a run longer than 5yds….Playing weaker competition all year inflates stats and expectations. The teams that have knocked Bville out the past few years are good teams….They’ve had More than one good player. And it’s been the defense that’s let Bville down in recent years and not the offense. Tackling athletes in space has led to Bville downfall. It showed again last nite…. That’s an athlete problem, not a coaching problem…. Cats had a good year and got as far as they should have, given the match ups and playoff route.
  10. Pretty amazing that 5 and 22 don’t play defense for Garrison…. What a luxury…
  11. Good season Bville…. Tough match up with this district two years in a row…. Bearcats demolished every team up north but the 2nd place team got em again. #2 is awesome to watch. He had 4 yds that was simply snap to QB and run left or right….
  12. Garrison will have to limit mistakes they have made in recent years in big games. No doubt the Dawgs are loaded with talent but they have had early exits from playoffs recently and it’s the mental side of the game that’s cost them. Special teams and turnovers will be a big factor in the end result of this one…. On paper Dawgs win but give Bville a couple extra possessions and it will come down to the wire
  13. 2 years in a row Bville has matched up with a good team from this opposing district. Last year they came up short against Joaquin and went home early with their fans blaming the coaches…. For the sanity of Bville fans it’d be nice if they won. Since the Williams kid has been there Bville has killed much weaker opponents week in and week out. This inflates stats and expectations. Not sure they can get past Garrison…. If they don’t then it’s a shorter than expected playoff run… but this is the first time the best athlete for them is at QB solely against a formidable opponent. Oughta be a good game….
  14. Timpson in a wood shed beat down….. but I did choose WC in poll just cuz I know nobody else would….. I suppose there is a small chance that Timpson has 42 kids get hurt and has to play with only 6 players….. that’s about the only way I see WC has a chance…. But I guess its still a chance
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