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  1. You haven’t seen Garrison this year have ya? Dawgs tested em last year and one could argue that Dawgs are a good bit more improved…. Plus it’s a rivalry game so anything goes. Timpson’s improvement will be based on strategy more than personell this year I believe. Bears have to utilize multiple weapons and don’t lean too much on Bussey, even as good as he is. Few games to go before we get to that one however…..
  2. No they are not….. young guys getting playing time in blowouts doesn’t count as meaningful playing time. Dawg studs are mostly seniors sprinkled in with some juniors as well. And any team that makes a deep run will be senior/junior led….. as it should be. Those aged kids are just naturally more mature and experienced.
  3. Schedule doesn’t get any easier for the Rams….Youngins definitely getting baptized by fire this season. If they can survive the physical toll this season then they will be set up for future success but this year has been a struggle on both sides of the ball. Guys are learning and playing hard. Hopefully they can get a complete game put together soon.
  4. Yeah when ya actually witness a contest such as this tonight, it makes ya scratch your head and question all kinda of stuff….. Rams certainly still searching for an identity on both sides of the ball
  5. Rams don’t have much depth and they are extremely young this year. Two starters been out. The center and a DB/RB…. Both kids would help tremendously…. I believe they only have 3-4 seniors…. And only one of them is a difference maker from the games I have watched….. I would guess this game will be large in deciding who is or isn’t in playoffs
  6. Rams have played 3 above avg teams losing 2 of them closely. Dragons have played a powderpuff schedule. Hard to get a read on this one. I predict high scoring affair. I say special teams decides the outcome
  7. Center made a play in defense when they had to but the difference in 2nd half was that Hampton had hurt ankle and was a non threat to run…..Really limited DF ability to move the ball consistently.
  8. Center always plays smaller schools pre district. Just look at their schedule the past several years…. Center may be technically 4AD2 but the participation from their athletes is more like 3a….. Large portion of their enrollment is Hispanic …. Center has 6 or so special athletes but to compete at their division you need double that number. Coach Meeks is making strides at turning that program in right direction but it takes time to get evbody bought in and it also helps if a few better athletes from surrounding areas would “purple up” as well…..year in and year out the teams that are consistently dominant have few transfers that aren’t home grown kids… that’s not throwing dirt on any program but it’s just facts
  9. Tenaha clock operator looks like a saint compared to Beckville…. That Bearcat cheats like hell and has for years
  10. Perhaps home clock took place somewhat…. But I have seen that at other towns as well… but in tight games the clock management is costly. Everybody remembers the last :02 but the offense team needs to hustle to the line and walkn to sideline every play waste precious seconds you would like to have back at end of game…
  11. Pass complete over the middle to the 2yd… Game over…. Tigers win
  12. Incomplete…. But PI…. 1st down Rams on 25 yd :12 left
  13. Fumble Rams…. They keep possession. :25 left Tiger 35 yd line
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