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  1. T-Cool is official name of infill. It's charcoal in color. Absorbs moisture from rain and even dew. Supposedly up to 30-40 degrees cooler than the standard infill where temps can reach 150 degrees on hot summer days....One summer day in little league ftball the turf actually melted to my shoes on a field in Center. Referee fell out from heat exhaustion that day. Super excited for all the kids that will benefit from the new turf installation.
  2. Admins are on 2 year contracts. Teachers are on 1 year contracts. Supts. get 3 year contracts
  3. Back in 1994 Shelbyville ran triple option..... Double TE with straight Tee backfield..... fun times..... unless it was 3rd and 10 and then it was a challenge....
  4. All the amazing talent videos I’ve seen are making tackles 5-8 yds down field......kinda like Linden-Kildaire LB from few years ago. He avg 20 tackles a game but they were all after a 1st down gain.....great effort but not the best defense hype video I’ve seen
  5. I can appreciate all the enthusiasm and excitement but I really believe Alto needs to regroup and start on the basics again. To believe Gamble is gonna come in and you guys are automatically back to the “old Alto” and perennial contenders is a bit superficial. Let’s be honest, it’s not always the x’s and o’s.... It’s the Jim and Joes that make ya successful. Alto has had a lull in overall talent and that happens to nearly every 2A school in Texas at some time or another. When this occurs teams have to make up for lack of talent with hard work and dedication. From an outsider it also appears th
  6. So with all the negative in the past year or so maybe the stars are aligning and evthing is getting back to normal. A Gamble at Alto just makes sense. Nothing but the best wishes from me to you Jackets.....Just as long as you are not playing my team
  7. Yes they did. I believe the game was in Crockett
  8. Who was coach when Sville played Mart several years ago? Ferguson was successful when he was there and no knock on him but my wife could’ve coached those guys and won....Super talented group. Buddy Pierce was relatively successful but 2 of my 4 varsity teams had losing records
  9. Probably something that rhymes with chance.....
  10. You don’t know ALLLto if you don’t know who LG is to their program
  11. Don’t know if I need to tell JWall congrats or I’m sorry..... Sville kinda like that woman whose been married 5 times..... It isn’t always the wrong guy.... It’s the crazy $$$ lady that can’t be pleased
  12. Could it be........A blast from the past. Could Alto really be that Lucky?
  13. After the other night this thread has went rogue... Silence..... Figured the big announcement of next Dragon leader would have made headlines already.....The way Sville changes guys they’ll have someone else before they announce this guy
  14. Well as most have probably heard by now I didn't get hired for the Sville job.......I promised the board I would beat Joaquin in every sport and even swore I'd give each board member a dish of my granny's nanner pudding..... Still didn't get the job....Well damm!
  15. Interesting how the folks are gonna respond....
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