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  1. Few months ago I read Tigers were gonna get new turf stadium. Evthing was all good and now forced resignations and allegations. Heard through grapevine Tenaha is going all in on tennis, golf, vball, and softball.......
  2. I knew Greezy couldn’t stay away….. He enjoys gaslighting too much
  3. I’ve seen a lot if good players make avg coaches look like geniuses…..Can’t coach 4.4 speed and size…. Mostly all God given…. You can coach scheme and effort but if ya have the size and speed to match it then you have a special team….Location is evthing. Smaller school with great programs will attract any athlete. If parents choose a profession that grants them options for their kids then kudos to the parents for thinking ahead and planning for the future that sets up the best future for the family….. Seen Gunter play several times and I love their approach to the game and offensive scheme
  4. I watched Center play twice in person. Know the coach, board members, players and families well. I assure you offense or play calling wasn’t Center’s problem…. Takes time to implement a program. Motivate kids walking the hallways to play. Usually have to graduate junior class and sometimes sophomore classes before kids buy into new regime….. basically stability and involvement is key to any long term success. I know the new incoming coach personally. My dealings and interactions with him show me he’s a good dude. Whether or not he can make Alto successful is TBD….. but he deserves chance before you make blind blanket assumptions based on someone’s previous place of employment. Lot’s of intricate factors affect success at a school. Your asinine comments just prove your lack of understanding of how school business truly operates…..✌
  5. And evbody knows West Hardin gonna quit so we’d have 6 teams and they would as well
  6. Some dreams and aspirations just reside in Dallas area…..
  7. Wonder how many more twist and turns this one can take……
  8. I heard it was a lady coach with 4 sons and 3 daughters…..
  9. Board has nothing to do with transfers. It goes to principals of the particular campus and Supt can override but board isn't in process. Also a district is audited on transfer acceptance and decline. Attendance. discipline. academics are factors in transfer approval. District is also audited yearly in said categories and state funding depends on how the district scores in said categories. .... All that being said. the district can decline any transfer on those basis so they can choose somewhat the make up on transfer approval to a certain extent
  10. Rumor on street is a coach from extreme south Texas with huge success is interested......I don't see it happening but these days ya never know.....
  11. I thought from the beginning he would be a good fit if he’s interested…. Always thought it’d be between he and Ponder if both applied…but I’m just an outsider lookn from afar…. I’m sure admin and board will figure it out….
  12. Supt leaving just cost EF major $…… These guys under multi year contract. You have to pay them the balance for them to walk away…… Then state funding is held back from school the next year when audit is done cuz of paying off admin contract. Hope it doesn’t hamper EF ability to secure new Supt and AD financially…. Longer this goes on the more surrounding schools just got transfers…..
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