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  1. It’s just that Shiner has done it before and has the pedigree to lean on.... Timpson is more than legit and this year’s team can play with anyone.... but until ya break thru ain’t nobody gonna give that street cred just yet..... If they pull it off all the Timpson homers gonna be talkn major smack....
  2. Timp/SA QB- push RB-SA WR-SA Off line-SA Def line-SA LB/Sec-Timp My point is SA was best representative Reg 3 has had in years and it wasn’t enough to break through.... Timpson has a good team this year and if Shiner was worse than last year then I’d give the Bears the edge but I believe Shiner is better this year.... Just assumptions, we shall see....
  3. I have a two part question.... Is this Timpson team better than SA team few years ago and why?...... And is Shiner better than that Refugio team and why?
  4. If every team in track that messed up could’ve ran their race of course they’d win..... it’s called execution in clutch. And it comes a point where it doesn’t matter how track fast you are in ftball when the other team has similar talent.... Question is, can they tackle when presented the opportunity?...... we shall see
  5. Ya know there is a saying about your aunt would be your uncle if......
  6. Neither are the same team cuz both have improved but #20 makes Waskom offense effective.....we could go on forever so let’s just say it’s nice for east Texas to be represented well in multiple classifications at this point of the season
  7. No disrespect to Bears cuz they are more than legit but the Waskom team they beat wasn’t fully loaded that night..... and it was early season. I watched Wildcats dismantle DF last night....I believe this game will appear lopsided at first and one team will come roaring back and make it a really good game....
  8. I think someone is obsessed..... Why do you care what I say or think? Just move on..... You are so butt hurt that I won’t choose your beloved Bears... as if you seeking validation somehow... Timpson is a really great team. I just happen to believe the LOS battle win be won by Shiner.... It’s just assumption. Really don’t understand your disdain
  9. The consensus on here is Timpson will play Shiner.... If so I favor Shiner cuz even when SA had a line that avg 300lbs and equal to better athletes as Timpson the Wolves couldn’t break thru for region 3.... Currently Shiner / Refugio just have better linemen overall
  10. Not fair to call Shiner one dimensional... Cuz their run game is next level. They win LOS battle and then there is SPEED and POWER in backfield that not many if any teams can match....what strikes me is how many kids both teams play. Lot’s coming in and out and contributing at high level
  11. Both teams have great athletes.... Huge difference is LOS play on both sides
  12. Check my quote..... didn’t say classlessness. Didn’t say evbody. Just mentioned some fans and posters... talkn about playing the next game before this one. Calling other teams trash. Just act like ya been there before.....and you mentioned me not picking Bears in the first place. Who cares who I choose to root for. Why does that bother you. Timpson knocked me out of playoffs in High School. Haven’t liked em since. Now they play my sons. So I’ll root against the bears until they all graduate. Don’t like to see my rivals succeed. Nothing personal. I’m just competitive......I pretty much hope all my rivals lose... So Bears are not alone in my feelings towards them and others....I can respect ya team and talent and not root for ya....✌
  13. Defense end and interior line play is good for Cville..... they are limited like most teams Timpson has played in the skilled kids dept.... That’s what makes Timpson so dangerous is they can run and pass..... but if Cville can contain run with minimum personnel and devote more players to defend the pass then they have a shot.....but I feel it’s a long shot....and they can’t fall behind very far cuz it’s nearly impossible to play catch up with Timpson.... definitely gonna be contrasting offensive styles on display
  14. Somebody gotta root for Cville.....Evbody else done handed Bears the region crown. ..... Plus as good as Timpson is, they are hard to root for. Don't seem to give their opponents much respect. Some, not all, but a good majority of Bear fans could win with a little more class IMO......but heck what do I know....I even hurt my own hometown feelings by being too truthful at times.....Cville definitely has their work cut out for them however
  15. Don’t know alot about either this year.... other than Shiner has Brooks bros.... My son attends college with. Refugio alumni and he says Refugio is small this year but extremely scrappy.... I feel the 260lb NG/RB is a difference maker on 2A level plus his bro is FAST.... so I’m going with Shiner.... the line play is what separates these teams from teams in our area.....Even when San Augustine had arguably the best line they’ve ever had mixed with awesome athletes, it wasn’t enough to win the LOS battle.....
  16. All this talk of who Timpson is playing next needs to chill..... football has a funny way of humbling ya.... are they the favorites,sure.... but an untimely injury here or there can change anything and B’ville boys play hard and ain’t gonna lay down and will bring the wood.... Bears need to just focus on B’ville and worry bout playing this game
  17. B’ville tries to run the ball and play keep away from Timpson offense. If they have success then they can keep it close..... if they have to pass alot then Timpson rolls.... too many athletes on the field for the Bears
  18. Bears fumble 15 times. Throw 10 interceptions and game outcome isn’t what evbody expects.... It closer than ya think.... Bears 42 Thorndale 10
  19. When Timpson spreads B’ville out and Harris and Williams are in coverage then who gonna tackle Bussey...... B’ville is good but against a spread attack Cats will be compromised.... especially Timpson’s spread
  20. Dude you can talk smack about ftball all ya want..... quit talkn #### about kids heart.... you have no idea what you’re talkn about
  21. If numbers work out we won’t have to worry bout them..... they’ll be D2.... Alto and Tenaha will have to deal with em
  22. QB lookd fine... Sville has 6-8 kids that can really run. Close the distance on WR that appears open. Main problem was defense against Dragons speedy kids in open space.
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