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  1. I expect that with all the scrambling to fill the schedule last year (i.e. having to replace Carthage due to the late 5A-6A start) McN only agreed to play if it was a two game deal.....I'd expect Carthage to be back on the schedule in 2022.
  2. Hope he's back on the field this year.....
  3. Cam actually transferred to Cisco from A&M.....I happened to be in Lafayette and spoke to him when his college summer league team played a game there (the summer between A&M and Cisco)....he was looking forward to getting started at Cisco.....not sure what happed after Cisco.....he was definitely a stud in his years at MHS, and a great kid as well.....
  4. Mav offense is pathetic right now.....and not just OL.....something needs to change.
  5. Wow...........does everybody (anybody??) actually think T-High is only 4 points better than Nac??? The only game this year that Nac outperformed the Mavs was the T-High game. As Mavchamp mentioned, the Mav offense has been unbelievably inconsistent...IMO if the Mav offense just plays decent, they win this game....if not, it'll be a LONG offseason. Regardless, this offense, unless it gets it's act together in a hurry, will get embarrassed in Huntsville......AGAIN......unfortunately I think the same fate awaits Nac if they beat the Mavs. This is a tough game to figure out, and the Dr
  6. Tigers easy in this one.....next week is the million dollar question......
  7. Poor execution & poor play calling......making PT's defense look like world beaters.....
  8. Would love to see Nac take it....actually would love to see anybody playing WH take it, but unfortunately I think the 'Cats win.....
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