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  1. Cam actually left A&M after one year and then played baseball the next season at Cisco (after his one season at A&M he played in the summer college league for Brazos Valley....I spoke to him at a game in Lafayette). After his one season at Cisco he transferred to Baylor, and made the football team as a walk on in 2020, but then Covid hit, basically cancelling the season......not sure what happened after that. Good kid.
  2. I hate to say it, but I don't see the Mavs winning this one....I do think they'll keep it competitive until the Lobos size and depth (and talent) starts to tell, and they put it away in the second half. BUT, if they can play to their potential, get the discipline (penalties) issue under control, and the Lobos take them a little too lightly, you never know.....that's a lot to ask!! That being said, I expect the Mavs will get better as the season goes, as they get more game experience in the new system. So hope springs eternal....I'm really excited to see how well they compete when Carthage comes calling. Go Mavs!!
  3. Have to clean up the penalties.....got a little sloppy at the end....still have to be happy with the outcome.
  4. Lobos by as many as King wants.....I'm afraid it's going to get ugly quick......this was always the game we looked forward to......even when Longview was dominating the series when I played, at least we were always competitive.....Longview has outgrown Marshall so much the past 20 years, I've changed my mind from 'keep it going, it's a sacred tradition' to 'why are we keeping this series alive?' Times change.....IMO it's time to leave this game behind and look to Carthage or Kilgore as our new 'hated' rival (I would say Hallsville, but that game has become just as big a joke, but the other way around).
  5. Time of possession is hugely in favor of NC…..got to get the D off the field more in the 2nd half….
  6. I'll take the Mavs in a close one.....hopefully won't be from a lack of support!!
  7. I’ll be there as well…..be safe coming down!
  8. Hey Mav.....how about sending TexasBob a current pic of Mav Stadium.....they're using an old pic, and it ####!
  9. I expect that with all the scrambling to fill the schedule last year (i.e. having to replace Carthage due to the late 5A-6A start) McN only agreed to play if it was a two game deal.....I'd expect Carthage to be back on the schedule in 2022.
  10. Cam actually transferred to Cisco from A&M.....I happened to be in Lafayette and spoke to him when his college summer league team played a game there (the summer between A&M and Cisco)....he was looking forward to getting started at Cisco.....not sure what happed after Cisco.....he was definitely a stud in his years at MHS, and a great kid as well.....
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