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  1. You don't move a football game due to a little rain...come on man
  2. Have you ever heard the phrase, "I'd rather be the hammer than the nail."? I think it applies here. The one delivering the blow is more prepared for the contact and chooses the spot he is going to hit and also chooses which part of his body will deliver the blow. Those aspects of the contact matter and give the defender an advantage over a back carrying the ball. Sure Holloman wanted the ball every carry he could get, but that begs the question.
  3. NoFool13, I have seen the games. He did take some big hits, and he had to come out due to one hit. The issue you probably don't recognize is that the hits a back takes is merely one aspect of the situation. Studies have shown that fatigue often leads to injuries. You can talk all you want about the coaches knowing what is best, but a win is not worth ruining a young man's health by overextending his work. Why not give the ball to another running back a little more so that one back doesn't reach 50 carries in a game? Thanks for your post. Next time try to fill in the blanks, or did that work you too hard? Are you overextended and can't think which word to choose, or do you just have some limitations?
  4. I think my posts make it clear that I am stating that requiring a back to carry the ball 49 times is borderline abusive. High school football players suffer three times as many catastrophic injuries as college players meaning deaths, permanent disability injuries, neck fractures and serious head injuries, among other conditions, according to a 2007 study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.
  5. Being in that profession necessarily makes the decision to call a back's number 90 times in two games a product of the coaching staff, doesn't it? Spectators can't call plays. Not too many years ago guys played with concussions too, and now we have learned the dangers of that way of thinking. Linemen do take a pounding, but not nearly as many high impact, violent collisions with top-end speed hitting top-end speed or being gang tackled, as do running backs.
  6. 90 carries for Holloman's last two games for an average of 45 per game.
  7. Not exactly. The point of that post and the previous post I left regarding the running back was really concerned with the physical toll taken by a high school running back who carries the ball 49 carries in a game. It's a similar situation to a pitch count for a high school pitcher in my mind. I wasn't really concerned with the style of offense the MP team was running or the definition of a successful passing attack.
  8. Actually, I think last week for Holloman was a product of a coaching staff up against it and unable to get anything else going. That much is obvious.
  9. Amazing to me that Holloman can hold up under all these carries. He is difficult to land a hit on, true enough, but I hope this overuse doesn't lead to injury, such as ACL, ect. It's almost abusive overuse if you ask me, which obviously you didn't. Anyway, the kid has a bright future, just hope he isn't asked to do too much.
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