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  1. Hey stone Kelly all that bickering about backs, I think me and you could have a 5 yard avg with yalls line. Those 5 are yalls stars.
  2. Hey stone Kelly all that bickering about backs, I think me and you could have a 5 yard avg with yalls line. Those 5 are yalls stars.
  3. They marched down like Patton that drive.
  4. May surprise folks and it will be a defensive battle. Harmonys o line is impressive.
  5. Oh I miss the Wing T and 52 defense back in the nineties.
  6. There's no eagle bashing or brahma bashing going on except for eagles hating on other eagles. What's going on over there fellas. Y'all had a tremendous season. 500 plus points. That's incredible. Just never seen a set of fans argue like this except when things are in the toilet. Y'all are certainly not in the toilet. Whoever is playing is who your HC thinks will give the team the best chance to win.
  7. He was 38 outta 70. I know they rolled up 800 plus yards of offense. We only had 600 plus, but Mitchell had two 105 yard pick sixes. Brahmafan is right about our defense. Like I said, if we had an avg D or evenly slightly below avg D we would be hard to stop. Our offense has literally got to score on 80% of our possessions to win.
  8. Brahmafan if we had an avg defense, heck a slightly below average defense we'd be tough to beat with our offense. You just can't on scoring 50,70,89 points a game. Eventually your gonna have to make a stop.
  9. I'm with you OPC, they do bicker amongst themselves a lot. You'd think they went 0-10 and had a total of 50 points instead of averaging 50 points. Don't get me wrong I'm going with my bulls but I'm impressed what Harmony has done. As for as who plays and who doesn't, that's why you have coaches who see the kids day in and day out. Let's face it, coaching is a stressful job and your only as good as your last win. So I'm sure who's playing and who's not is Harmonys best chance of winning a ballgame in the mind of the HC. His job is literally on the line. Kids read this stuff. Easy to get into a kids head and real easy to pit teammates against each other. Dropping numbers is the same as dropping names so unless it's positive just don't do it. Just my opinion. Hope we see a good game Friday at pine tree fellas. Go brahmas and hey good luck to the eagles. Hope it's an injury free game.
  10. ETF you never hit the field. That comment won't get me on probation. Like I said it's all good to be a homer. Any good fan is, but don't mean you've got to be delusional.
  11. ETF listen y'all beat us by 3 and that's cause we botched a 4th and 19. Hooks beats us by 1 in ot. Yea a loss is a loss whether it's by 50 or 1, but you gotta quit acting like Dfield is a power house. Sure support your team, but it makes you look a little nuts talking like y'all are guaranteed a spot at Jerry's world. I'm a homer, nothing wrong with that, but your a little delusional about those Tigers. I'll be rooting for you and the other d7 teams but quit talking like y'all steam rolled through district man. Makes you look like you don't know what your talking about.
  12. Salty1 just got put on front street by Mr. Sampson. Woooo Natureboy loves real talk. Have no idea what's going on in ND, just remember Mr. Sampson, I'm assuming your a male, every town has their Lombardis and Landrys that think they can coach better. I was very impressed with yalls offense. Good thing we got a good offense and a couple of pick 6's. We couldn't stop y'all.
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