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  1. still sticking with my pick. Garrison over Timpson for the District Title.
  2. Grapeland hovering around 150 enrollment from what I'm hearing. First day had 38 out.
  3. My prediction: Garrison Timpson Shelbyville Joaquin San Augustine West Sabine Grapeland
  4. Yeah I was impressed with the numbers Garrison put up in powerlifting this year. Very dominant. It wouldn't shock me at all if Garrison competed for the district title this year. Side note / question: anyone seen Dave Campbell's yet? What's it say? Rankings etc for 2A
  5. I'm a resident of Grapeland and follower of the program. I've been around to see a lot of great Sandie football teams. I definitely think the Sandies are doing great things and will be improved. However, they have a lot to prove. This is the best district in 2A (imo) and nothing is guaranteed. Offseason is offseason. Got to earn it in-season!
  6. I heard there is a very real possibility Newton is dropping. Also, Grapeland numbers are in the mid to low 150s.
  7. Kirbyville is much improved under Trey Allen, my brother who works at Grapeland tweeted this out a few days ago. They were huge.
  8. I learned a long time ago,... do ever bet against Kerry Therwhanger. Timpson 34 Shiner 33
  9. The Sandies have been playing with a lot of Soph and Freshman over the last three games do to some key injuries at starting positions prior to the Normangee game and in the early part of the Leon game.
  10. Please post any info on teams needing JH or JV games for Oct 22 & 29 and Nov 5
  11. JV (0-4 / 0-2) Groveton 8, Grapeland 0 (Love watching this team. A bunch of tough and scrappy guys with a lot of heart). JH (4-0-1 / 2-0) Grapeland 34, Groveton 16 (Best JH group I've seen come through Grapeland in the last 15 years). *StingEm - I stole your format lol
  12. I heard the new Cville QB got hurt. Anyone else know if this is true?
  13. Appreciate the info. Alto teams are always tough at every level!
  14. 8th Grade (2-0-1) tied Frankston 20-20 7th Grade (0-2) lost to Frankston 36-14
  15. If you can get them - please post all JV/JH results today.
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