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  1. I hope for safe travel to and from tonight for the teams and their fans. A good clean, injury free game! Good luck to both teams, but #HFND!!
  2. they both lead our area in rushing and passing respectfully yards and TDs. If they play up to their potential that could be right. I'm hoping we get over that 2nd round curse that has bit us so many times in the past.
  3. I hope them boys come out like they did in the second half of the Troup game.
  4. I will be watching for sure. I really believe it will be a slobberknocker in yalls game.
  5. I appreciate it. I'd pull for yall if we played and yall ran it down our throats and made us like it...lol...I wish yall played tonight or Saturday cause I would go to yalls game.
  6. yea i have been bouncing between the two all week. going back to my earlier post would explain why they are on like page 15..haha
  7. Dang i hate it for the kid. When we played yall the first time our RB1 had a lingering injury that didnt have him 100%. It took him about a month to get over his. He is trying to get to 2000 yards.
  8. Heck of an offer, but i just can't take that deal. He was a good back and that kickoff return hurt, but i didnt know he was out.
  9. No doubt. It's way better than a boring one that drags. Seems like Fridays get here in no time.
  10. both of yall have yet to put up poster board material. but it has been good banter back and forth. we have really only had two game threads go on a run this year and that was Winny and Dekalb. Ours is super boring this week so I have been thread hopping.
  11. that would be awesome, but we both have some tough ones. Hope we get that so we can have the chance to redeem ourselves from that butt whoopin we took last year..haha
  12. Yall are nowhere near as bad as posters in our area. I will leave those schools out but if you ever read other threads you know who they are..lol
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