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  1. I for one am excited for this one, being from Beckville and having my son play for Timpson. This years game should be more interesting with Beckville being a little healthier than last years meeting (beside Bo Hammons unfortunate ankle injury last Friday) Have a safe week everyone, I’m taking the Bears by at least 1.
  2. Good luck rest of the way Rams Great win tonight Bears
  3. Timpson Streaming will have the game on Facebook
  4. I’m going with the Bears, 42-14 42-7 something in that neighborhood. I hope both teams make it out injury free to make a solid run at the playoffs. See y’all Friday
  5. Only upset Friday night is gonna be Garrisons coaches, players and fans. But hey, I admire you sticking with your team. But that is my unprofessional opinion. We'll see after the turf pellets settle tomorrow night.
  6. Great game Bears. Booneville was tough. Safe travels Booneville, thanks for the game. On to district.
  7. Thank you for saying that. He has put a lot of work in the past few seasons in has definitely showed on the field. It’s nice to hear opposing fans/ fans of football give him props. Good luck to the Jackets this season as well
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