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  1. Orangefield appears to be receiving more votes than before.
  2. He was. But you can’t say depth wasn’t an issue against Whitehouse when Carthage had at least one OL/DL playing both ways.
  3. The 2013 team also had at least one player (McCain) that played both ways on OL & DL.
  4. If the bond fails again, will he stay longer than one year?
  5. First day on the job for new HC speaking to the team: “Guys I’m excited to be here. I’ll make this meeting quick. We are sending home a packet of release forms with you to be filled out and signed by your parent/legal guardian. You will not be allowed in the field house after today until they are all signed and returned. It’s going to be a great year!”
  6. I’ll go ahead and call it now, Lipan will win it again next year.
  7. Lipan wins 53-48. One of the best girl’s basketball games I’ve ever watched. Both teams left it all on the court. Wow.
  8. Lipan up 22-20 at the half. So many little things that both teams are doing on offense and defense. Textbook stuff.
  9. Lipan up 11-10 at end of Q1 over Gruver. If you want to watch two fundamentally sound basketball teams go at it, this is your game. Both teams are solid from top to bottom.
  10. If he was going to transfer, he would have gone as an 8th grader, maybe even as a freshman. Very few reasons will hold up for immediate eligibility when you are talking the next district over.
  11. Bristow was the MVP, but #10 for Holliday deserves big props too. She was very physical inside, knocked down a few layups, and got some key defensive rebounds. Holliday’s starting five was solid across the board. All seniors too and it showed.
  12. 58-47 final. Holliday played an unbelievable game to get their 1st title! Fairfield played like champions in the 2nd half, fought back, and took the lead at one point. But Holliday was the real deal. Great game!
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