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  1. SH beat Gilmer 10-0 in a 1 hit shutout @ Gilmer. Game 2 @ SH Fri at 7:30
  2. Given the number of turf football fields in Texas, it is a pretty big deal that little ole’ Joaquin will have the first like this in high school.
  3. What’s done is done. Let’s hope Castles has great success in GW as the new DC (except when they play SH) and Henderson too under new leadership (except when they play SH).
  4. I hope it works out for everyone.
  5. She ain’t coming to lose. Not fresh off of a 6A title.
  6. First year yes. I get it. But if she doesn’t win it will be incredibly hard not to resent him going into year two.
  7. Smart move for Henderson yes, but surely you see my point right?
  8. So is it official that Andrea Robinson is coming to be the new Women’s Basketball Coach too? That is a lot to ask of your wife in this instance. Her career as a HC is more successful than his on paper. She just won a state title in 6A, but he would be asking her to come to the country to coach a team that went 3-16 this past year in 4A. She might do it for a year to support him but if they don’t win instantly she might have some resentment going into year two. That typically doesn’t end well. Just playing the devil’s advocate.
  9. Depends on who is doing the math.
  10. He is saying Castles is headed to GW as the DC.
  11. 3-3 on FG’s. Didn’t try and XP.
  12. Sometimes you just have to accept reality and make the tough decision.
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