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  1. Spring Hill took game two 2-0. Game three tomorrow at 12pm at Lufkin HS. HJ’s ace still has around 30 pitches left but not sure what their #3 has. SH will be throwing our #3 for the first time since the playoffs started.
  2. Hardin-Jefferson won game one last night 2-0 vs Spring Hill. Game two set for Fri weather pending.
  3. As long as we can get two in Sat if needed we should be good.
  4. Spring Hill beat Madisonville 7-2 tonight in Lufkin to win the series and advances to round 3.
  5. SH played Livingston in a tournament back in early March and beat them 9-3. Assuming SH plays our game, we should sweep and move on to round 3. But we gotta take care of business. I’d like to see us start our #3 (if we can win game one) to get some innings. It’s always great to get complete games out of your starters, but at some point we will need to go deeper to win. Can’t have those guys coming to the mound with no game action in two or three weeks.
  6. Any chance his favorite color changes to red over the summer?
  7. SH takes the series over Madisonville with a 1-0 win in 8 innings. Moving on to round two.
  8. I think we will sweep. SH looked to be on another level compared to Madisonville.
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