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  1. Word on the street is the UT commit from Dangerfield is staying in Dangerfield. Y’all slipping over there.
  2. Remember they played baseball into the summer. Got a late start compared to everyone else. I’m sure they will live up to the #1 preseason ranking when it counts.
  3. Someone will oblige for a year to have a significant opportunity at a State Title for the resume.
  4. I’m gonna message Reagle and get him to do a page by page recap just for you.
  5. Got my copy today. Thanks for shipping in an envelope to ensure the quality of the front/back cover!
  6. Tough blow for Beckville losing Coach Downs as the Volleyball Coach. Should be many applicants in line to take over the reigning state champs that return all but one player.
  7. Mike - is Hatten staying in Carthage for his Sr year?
  8. Mike - I think one is former Henderson HC Castles son. Thought I saw where Castles is the DC in Beckville now.
  9. But Pitt has a LOT of athleticism returning and coming up from sub-varsity teams. I envision some long Pitt TD runs on game one.
  10. Maybe some Dads and Uncle Rico mixed in there too?
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