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  1. SH will be better than last year on both sides of the ball. I’m optimistic we will give GW a better game than last year.
  2. If this is true, and I think it is, the Raiders will be in top 20 soon enough.
  3. If the OL and DL are as good or better than 2020, Winnsboro will quickly move up the list as the season starts.
  4. You are correct Sabine will lose in week 1, possibly by double digits.
  5. If GW loses to Spring Hill too, y’all may never recover.
  6. They won’t “run over” Crosby & SA but I expect the Dawgs will win by 14-21 points against both. I have been wrong before but the odds are in my favor on this one.
  7. Exactly! At least not since the 90’s anyway. Lion70 struggles with comprehension sometimes but it is fun to mess with him.
  8. Ha! Sounds to me like you are stewing on it too much.
  9. “Imagine a Henderson loss to Hallsville & Spring Hill in less than a month.” You got a guaranteed win for SH out of that comment?
  10. Where did I say the Panthers were a powerhouse?
  11. Your Cardinals were very fortunate in 2020. Won’t be so lucky this year.
  12. Imagine a Henderson loss to Hallsville & Spring Hill in less than a month. AllGoodNamesRGone might start opening rooting for Kilgore.
  13. When Endsley convinces Preston to let him have #51 or #52 (or both) back on the offensive side of the ball, they will all be counting the stacks next evaluation period.
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