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  1. The Gilmer OC is certainly going to take some heat with only putting up 7 points today. Carthage loaded the box and gave up several long passes including a TD. I’m sure the Gilmer DC saw that. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap and give credit where it is due. China Spring had a really good squad this year and earned that ring.
  2. I don’t know about that. Carthage threw it deep a bunch and only completed one. It was a TD but called back for Offensive PI. This CS defense was really good from front to back. Great season Bux!
  3. Not sure about that. There were at least 3 years that had Carthage not won it all Kilgore or Henderson would have.
  4. Blazin97 - I was pulling for the Purple Tigers. Your boys had a chance and just came up a little short. But I think you are missing a big fact in your analysis. Lorena has played two teams on the same level or even a step above - Franklin and China Spring. I know that was early in the season but it is still relevant to the conversation because both teams are still playing. Even though Lorena’s path was significantly easier than Brock, they still did what they were supposed to. I think it will be a good game either way.
  5. Great block by Franklin WR but you also have to point out the closing speed from backside DB for Waskom. My gosh that guy is fast!
  6. Last I checked, having a D1 offer is not a requirement for winning a State Championship.
  7. I’d also say that comparing 2020 CM to 2021 CS solely based on QB play is short sighted. The Cougars have some talented players on both sides of the ball that don’t play QB. As does Gilmer. Should be a great game!
  8. I watched the last 6 mins. Tough loss for sure. That CH DB is going to dream about that missed INT for a long time. Way to represent East Texas.
  9. Thanks. Trying to earn back some credibility. Buckeyelove says I don’t have any.
  10. I am aware C&C. Just answering the question as to why Carthage ran all the trick plays.
  11. Why are you always on the defensive? Gilmer and CS are the best two teams in 4A D2 and should be playing next week. No accidents for either team. From the outsider perspective, the game last night was boring to watch. I am not the only one who sees it that way. It looked more like an August matchup. Gilmer was just better all the way around in all phases but the mental mistakes took away from the performance. I’m rooting for the Bux to bring home the title, but there is just something about this CS team. Reminds me a little of the Lampasas team from 2019. They have the “it” factor. Should be a really good game.
  12. I don’t think you can say Tennison was the best QB in 4A D2 last year. Horton beat him twice head to head and put up big numbers doing it. Tennison has the chance to go down as the best this year if he can win next week. But the CS QB is an incredible leader that can literally put the team on his back if needed. He is a Tim Tebow type player that runs their offense to perfection. It should be a great game between two really good football teams.
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