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  1. Christian Heritage might be available.
  2. Cotton84 - how many Sophomores will Carthage start this year? Seems like I remember seeing 2-3 get some snaps in the playoffs.
  3. That should build some confidence, or crush some ego’s, depending on how things go.
  4. Might take more than one. We didn’t get the same “jumpstart” as Tatum.
  5. It begins and ends with the OL. If we can block we can do some stuff. If not, well you know the rest of the story.
  6. 100%. I was just having some fun with DeBerry. I’d bet a dollar he’s been in summer school catching up.
  7. Y’all should get some fresh pics of all the 2022 players at media day this morning.
  8. A mere bump in the road for Carthage admin. They are professionals DeBerryJacket! Don’t insult them with your pessimistic talk.
  9. “AD/HFB left, counselor gone, anonymous letter in April, Hearing in August.” This line is from your previous post. I’d say you likely named the source.
  10. Nah that’s too many yards. I’m closer to being right. They have a returning starter with a year of experience at QB who happens to be the coach’s son with a pretty good arm. And a WR who has gone to state the last two years in high jump. 1,500 yards and 10 passing TD’s is possible.
  11. Those are the ones checking on job postings and rent houses in surrounding districts.
  12. Heard Winnsboro is going to throw for 1,500+ yards this year.
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