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  1. How many games has Gilmer not had a turnover this year? I think that’s a given. At least one anyway. They can still play through that assuming the defense continues to improve and the changes made on the backend for Carthage game continue this week. I think this game will be like the Carthage vs Glen Rose game last year. It will be a good one. Rooting for the Bux to get it done.
  2. Just listened to the Gilmer Coach’s Show with the Gilmer radio guys & Coach Metzel that was posted Mon. I have been very critical of them in the past due to stupid things they say. Gotta tip my cap to them for a job well done on this show. Very respectful show and classy comments on Surratt, Jett, Carthage coaches, players, fans, etc. If you have not listened you should.
  3. If Gilmer coaches don’t play the same guys in the secondary that they did against Carthage I will be shocked!
  4. It was a serious question. Unlike Gibson, Surratt will come face the camera win or lose.
  5. Well how did Chalk Talk end up today? Any words of wisdom from Coach Surratt?
  6. Pretty important to note GR is back in this game for the 2nd year in a row. While they lost a bunch of Sr’s off last year’s team, the younger one’s got to see the environment around the big game and won’t be google eyed going in. Solid coaching staff as well. I expect a competitive game with a similar score to the Gilmer/Carthage game. Pulling for the Bucs!
  7. Would it surprise you that I also know some guys on the Gilmer Coaching staff?
  8. If your friend was the OC there, why not just text him and ask vs posting on here and adding the last sentence to your original post?
  9. Watch the film. They made it look good but they let Tennison score. He should have slid at the 5 and Gilmer wins in regulation.
  10. Great game! Congrats Gilmer. You guys slayed the giant. Now go win your ring.
  11. I’m not sure that was actually an onside. I think it was a direct shot at the blocker and Koff return man made a great read and took it to the house.
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