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  1. My posts last week had little to do with a few kids behavior and A LOT to do with a systematic failure by the home ISD to protect kids.
  2. Well it is easily explained. #1 not playing QB changes things considerably.
  3. Don’t be. We are staring at 3-7 best case with a 1st round TKO to Carthage.
  4. I’ll take the bait. I didn’t watch the game expecting Longview to dominate Lancaster. I did however expect to see the #1 team in 5A D1 execute at a high level on both sides of the ball. Outside of Tatum & Hale, it was meh at best. Good news is all of it can be corrected.
  5. I heard the Pistol Flex is a pretty good offense.
  6. LOL - man I gotta tell you I am disappointed in these Lobos. They are not looking like the #1 team in the state, and it has nothing to do with #2. I’m optimistic we will see the real Lobos in the 2nd half. King needs to be chewing on some butt about now.
  7. In other news, Longview looks like a decent 4A D1 team tonight.
  8. We added Cooper to our LifeGroup prayer list last weekend in Longview. The updates are very encouraging.
  9. Either way it will be over by 7:31pm at the latest.
  10. Bullard QB may be able to sling it, but Carthage “has some advantages” at DL. Bullard OL blocking will resemble the top half of a minnow bucket tonight. Result……..Carthage 49-0
  11. The times I have been there they always have uniformed officers and admin at the crossing point and stop home crowd traffic both ways until the team passes by. I would bet there may be a little more presence there moving forward, as well as a presence between stadium and gym. It’s a short walk but you never know.
  12. @mikehoncho - y’all be sure to take care of those Bullard boys Fri night. Give them some protection and keep the crazies away when they are walking from dressing room to field and back.
  13. Oh yes. We are going to finally figure out this Pistol Flex offense. With Gunter playing a few miles away in GW, we will be clicking on all cylinders. It will be a race to see if Gunter or SH will score more points Fri! #pistolflex
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