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  1. Hawkins will need to score every possession to stay in this game because they won’t stop Beckville.
  2. I’m thinking Commerce holds Winnsboro under 50 points for the first game all year, but can only muster 28 points of their own. 49-28 final Winnsboro.
  3. Grace was better than I expected. Had a couple of solid football players. Spring Hill had our chances, but we just didn’t execute and Grace made us pay. We cannot afford to miss the home run passes over the top when they present themselves. And we must tackle better in space on defense.
  4. I like Pitt to win this one but NL has improved also. Pitt by 20.
  5. Edwards has a good chance to go over 200 yards in back to back games if he gets enough touches.
  6. Yes he needed to add some weight & strength to his frame and filled out nicely. He was also very active on the college camp circuit getting lots of exposure.
  7. Is it just me, or does it seem like the two Jr DL were more effective last year playing at 270-280 than they are this year at 300+?
  8. Guess we will see in late Oct. I believe the Panthers are going to give those Bux a run for your money on that worst D title.
  9. Glad I didn’t buy a lotto ticket today. My picks didn’t fare so well, starting with this one. Solid win Mineola.
  10. Nice bounce back for sure. Looks like a successful business trip.
  11. Grace up 24-20. SH got an INT in end zone with about 1:30 left in Q2 for a touch back to stop a good drive. Went 3 and out and got punt blocked. Grace scored just before half. SH found a few things on offense that worked. Just need a couple more stops on D and offense needs to execute and score. Good game so far.
  12. And Gunter scores first 56 minutes before kickoff………
  13. So you’re saying the Gunter Coach made the mistake on the schedule? And Johnny communicated before the season started that GW would only play varsity in 2023? Just want to make sure I get the story right?
  14. In an ironic plot twist, I saw where Gunter JV and 8th grade replacement games were cancelled due to lightning last night.
  15. Raider Pride Winnsboro, TX FB page has a ton of pics from that game posted if you are interested.
  16. Sabine will have much success running between the tackles.
  17. DCTF has Grace as a 27 point favorite. I do believe SH will keep it closer than that. If the last two weeks are any indication, SH can win.
  18. Wow! Are they always that bad early in the season?
  19. Just now getting to watch this game on NFHS. Gunter has a Junebug problem! I thought Carthage was bad. Gunter is way worse. But their football team is pretty good. Straight whipped a larger Brock team with no problem.
  20. Yes because Henderson had the most talented team that year. Just got out coached at Lobo.
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