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  1. Would not be surprised, with the powers that be in PNG trying to railroad him out of town. This would be a good move for him and for SS.
  2. I would guess the DC in New Caney or head guy in Milsap?
  3. Tom Bean will always Tom Bean, this place is "oh my God" bad.
  4. True, from what I hear this will not fix the problems. Especially, if he is the one tasked with making the hire. Sounds to me like they would have been better off hiring the other finalists, the one that knew what it was like to coach in Nac.
  5. I'm not advocating playing any kid every play on offense and on defense, but you better be cross training certain kids so they can contribute on both side of the ball. If your best Defensive Back is also your fastest player and can catch, you better be teaching him the routes so he can contribute as a receiver, especially when the game is on the line. If your best running back can also tackle and read and react, then you better be teaching him the defense so he can play LB when it matters. And if your left tackle has the quick twitch and athleticism to rush the passer and stop the run, he better be getting some significant snaps on the defensive line. And if your tight end is also your best edge pass rusher then, well you get the point. Especially at places like Jacksonville, who does not have the kids to be playing 33 kids.
  6. Hearing some rumblings and rumors out of Nac about the HFC/AD, anybody with some inside information that they are willing to share?
  7. All you haters of the forward pass....... Will you please get off the puter, pull up your black socks, slip into your velcro white walking shoes and go yell at someone to get off your lawn.
  8. Might not be a popular take, and I am far from a Gilmer hater, but China Springs is out coaching the Buckeyes today.
  9. Atlanta is still a good job. IMO, they need a culture change. A guy willing to come in from the outside, make Atlanta home, sell his loyalty and program, then get the kids and community to buy into the process.
  10. Head Football/Athletic Director job open
  11. If the WC coaches had a clue how to use their personnel and could develop an offensive scheme to take advantage of that personnel then they would have a chance.
  12. I'm not sure who it is. I just know who it is not.
  13. Heard they got their guy.......
  14. Next to impossible situation for anyone. I don't envy anyone taking on this.
  15. Interviews next week, I know of one interviewing.
  16. Alto Baseball is still plying, yet the Head Baseball job is posted on THSCA, is the Alto coach going to Center?
  17. Not going to argue with you, because in many cases you are correct. But, I will bring up the 2019 Huntsville Hornets as an example of a 4th seed making a nice run and beating a couple of #1 seed on the way. Injuries and in some cases, Districts that are very deep, are examples of teams where if you only took 2 or even 3 teams, the best teams are not in the tournament.
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