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  1. So, so true. Lots of schools going to be coaching shorthanded this year. We are reverting back to the late 70's, early 80's where smaller schools had as few as 4 Varsity coaches.
  2. And I'm pretty sure Eustace is not at the top of anybody's list to go coach. They will get a HC, because everybody wants that first Head Coaching job. And they will probably get a couple first time coordinators because those jobs are not easy to come by either. But, the other 4-6 assistant coaching positions will be really tough to fill.
  3. A, as in any ole coach will do Not, THE HEAD FOOTBALL COACH
  4. Obviously, IMO, if you aren't teaching them work ethic, responsibility, accountability and unselfishness then you are doing something wrong. But, teaching kids that losing is ok is just plain wrong. You have to teach kids it's not about what happens to you, it is all about the way you respond. And the way to respond to any adversity is to pick yourself up and go back to work and compete your tail off and come out victorious. That is the essence of athletics.
  5. And, if you aren't winning to some degree or at least being competitive then your opportunities to impact lives go way down, because kids don't want to play for coaches who lose, and coaches who lose repeatedly don't keep jobs for very long. Me personally, I'm a "pat a kid on the back 100 times" for every time I have to "chew" on them type of coach. But there is ZERO doubt everyday that the sole reason we practice is to get better, so when we compete in the "arena" that we have a chance to win.
  6. What's the point in playing if you aren't focused on winning? Winning may not be the only thing, but it sure as heck beats losing. It is called competition for a reason, you have a winner and a loser, I would much rather be the winner.
  7. Good point, I was working off the notion that Junior High and JV would play at opposite sites, but when you coach them all and they all play at the same site then yes, makes for as long a night as Friday.
  8. You have to do what you have to do to get the job done. HC is actually a pretty good guy, we don't meet just to meet and he does as much of the grunt work as anybody. The work has to get done. No lucky enough to have a full time maintenance guy assigned to the field house to do the laundry or field maintenance people to paint the field.
  9. Dude, that's what we work, 80-100 aa week during season.
  10. I will break it down for you like this. Monday and Tuesday - 14 hours In the locker room at 3:45, on the field at 4, practice starts at 4:15, off the field at 7:15. Locker room empty and all kids left the premises b by 7:45. Put in laundry and watch practice film, flip laundry, discuss personnel and scheme and plan tomorrows practice, out of the field house by 8:45. Me personally, I go home and take care of what is left to do at home after my wife has taken care of the majority of the household chores. After everyone is in bed, I watch at least another hour of two of film. Wednesday - 7 hours In the locker room at 3:45, on the field at 4, practice starts at 4:15, off the field at 6:15. Locker room empty and all kids left the premises b by 6:45. Put in laundry and paint the game field. Watch practice film, flip laundry, discuss personnel and scheme. Out oft he field house at 8:45. Me personally, I go home and take care of what is left to do at home after my wife has taken care of the majority of the household chores. After everyone is in bed, I watch at least another hour of two of film. Thursday - Home 5 hours - Road - 6-7 Home game, in the locker room at 3:45 out of the field house after game, locker room supervision, laundry by 8:45. Road game add a minimum of an hour sometimes 2. Friday - 9 hours - 3:45 - 1 am - after inputting film and data. Saturday - 8-3 = 7 hours + an hour or 2 watching film at home Sunday - 12-6 = 6 hours + an hour or two watching film at home So an minimum of 50 hours spent outside the regular school day in very normal for me. Now you can remove an hour or 2 hours a day for some coaches, but you are still talking about an extra 40 hours a week on top of working a 40 hour a week job. Not many individuals going to sign up for that for a $3,000 a year stipend.
  11. There is a reason that College coaches say that Texas athletes are more polished and college ready than any other players and it's not just because of the talent level. Coaching has a whole lot to do with it.
  12. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. Those are weekly totals. But, maybe I didn't do a good job in my explanation. An hour a day in locker room supervision (3 days of practice). An hour a day of meetings, watching practice film, evaluating personnel and adjustments. And hour a day minimum watching film on your own. If your not putting in the work then someone else is. Saturdays, bring kids in at 9 for an hour of lift and recovery so coaches have to be there by8 or 8:30, 10-12 film from Friday's game. Then laundry, cleaning locker rooms from the game, putting up uniforms, and 2 hours of watching opponents film, so yes Saturday turns into a 7-8 hour day.
  13. I broke it down for him. He doesn't have a clue what we do.
  14. We can start with standardized test.
  15. 8 hours of after school practice per UIL 3 hours after practice to supervise locker rooms 3 hours after locker rooms are clear for offense/defensive meetings and laundry duty 2-3 hours on Wednesday painting the game field and/or practice field 3 - 5 hours on Thursdays for Sub-Varsity games 8 hours on Friday Nights for travel, games and locker room clean up 7-8 hours on Saturday for film, laundry and meetings 6 hours on Sunday for game planning, practice preparation 8-10 hours film study outside the school day It adds up real quick. If you don't think football coaches work 50 hours a week outside the school day then you are sadly mistaken.
  16. Trainers are by far the most underpaid and under appreciated "coaches" on staff.
  17. I would love to see these "business owners" who can put in another 50 hours a week on top of running a "successful" business. Who are these machines and where do I get a couple?
  18. But, our Lt. Governor thinks educators are just glorified baby sitters......
  19. Yep, every coach wants to have a chance to win a State Championship and to win one with your son on the team would be even more special. I don't understand coaches that just want what's best for them, let the coach and kid go. Selfish garbage if you ask me. Why would you deny any player the opportunity to do something to improve their situation or chances to be successful?
  20. Evidently Sherman did that yesterday as the UIL upheld the ruling of "moving for athletic purposes."
  21. Yes, Sherman was petty with the decision to check the box. Yes, the DEC Chairman will propose to deny on those grounds every time. No, all members of the DEC do not have to vote to deny, but they usually do. At this point the player/parents/new school appeal to the UIL. There is a hearing where the UIL hears all sides of the story. Then the UIL makes a ruling. In this case they ruled against Gunter/the player/the new coach. If you are really in this business for the kids, then you NEVER check that box, IMHO.
  22. Sherman checked the box on the PAPF that says leaving for Athletic Purposes. If this box is checked by the previous school, then the DEC has to deny. Then the UIL gets involved if there is an appeal. Based on the testimony from all the parties involved, the UIL denied the appeal. Really, this is all on Sherman and their HFC and AD. They are punishing the kid for the dad leaving and taking him with him. Now, there are obviously custody issues as well if Grant was denied, but his step-brother was approved. Grant's mom could very well have full legal custody and the father/coach not have any. This would be an issue as well. The father/step-dad/coach is remarried and the woman he is married to has custody of the freshman so there is no custody issues there and as he didn't play varsity sports last year he is not leaving for athletic purposes.
  23. No That is expressly addressed in the UIL rules.
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