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  1. I picked Pottsboro. Princeton has a lot of BS going on, too. They canceled three varsity only games.
  2. Thanks, Leopard. It was tough watching two weaker schools battle it out, and Princeton came out the winner 24-17 by winning the 4th Q. Princeton was up 7-0 but then fell behind 17-7. My football friend and I are glad for the win because the boys not only have to beat the other team, but they have to beat the officials and their own coaches. It's quite sad... Princeton's coaches... It's rare to get the good officiating like they had against South Garland. Princeton ran more despite the guy who would do most of the RB duties was on the sideline with his arm in a sling.
  3. C'mon, Rabbit, we are just talkin' a bit. LOL.
  4. Oh, OK. I should be at the game. Maybe they don't have seniors like a lot of new schools.
  5. It was Sherman and South Garland who were being chippy, LOL and then Princeton got drawn into it too much. I did notice that Princeton had some size this year. I'm not impressed by the coaching for about 7 years now. The defense DBs were too small and short. Princeton (the town) is going the direction that I would like. I'd prefer it to be a high school of 200 enrollment or a little bigger. Losing 62-6 is really hard for the team and program. I've seen big losing for them before. '86-'89 were all 1-9 seasons. '90-'91 were 2-8. '92 was 3-7. '93 was 7-2-1. So losing games like 62
  6. They had many out, yes. The week before South Garland had a lot of guys with bad behavior and the officials weren't playing around. Three of South Garland's players were ejected and two of Princeton's was ejected. A friend went to the Princeton at Lovejoy game and she told me who all was out. Princeton is in real trouble not being a good team. I knew they were bad from the scrimmage against Sherman. In the controlled part it was Princeton 2 touchdowns and Sherman 6 touchdowns (and that was with Sherman getting a lot of penalties including personal foul types). In the live quarter i
  7. Knowing this would have made me change to picking Marshall. A lot of teams are missing players in part because of the China thing and whatever else.
  8. I'll take a chance with McKinney North by a little.
  9. I'm not going to the game. I'm not sure if I will watch it, listen to it, or whatever. I would go if it weren't for the BS going on these days that has ruined football and more.
  10. Yeah, like others have said, a part of Celina is zoned to Prosper ISD, so Celina is growing slower in school enrollment. I guess that's why Prosper has the new Rock Hill school. Princeton plays Rock Hill soon. I can't stand the growth. I want out of it and into a small town but I want to be close to some family and it's hard to get others to move, too. The growth (the newcomers make the town and its schools something different and it kills of the old........
  11. I thought Gunter would win by 28 or more.
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