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  1. Carthage beats most 5a squads... they won't beat Longview SOC aledo etc... hell I'll put franklin, gunter, Gilmer PG and others up against 5a schools and have good chances Point being 6a ball is different, pretty much college level players throughout the roster
  2. HearEmaGrowlin has S Surratt expectations I guess.. big boy 6a ball on a different playing field then 4a down
  3. To get to the SC in the highest classification in itself is damn good... Samples is a damn good coach, glad he finally got him one
  4. Should've went 10-2 I bought into the samples is cursed and went with north shore The 6 man games were guesses honestly Refugio got manhandled.. Stay off the political side you may do better next season
  5. Mann.. What a game, glad I made the trip Only thing that could've made this trip better was watching the rocking L compete for a SC this morning.. PNG came in with a great game plan on shutting down the run for SOC and it worked early and often, eventually the pass game for SOC kept PNG honest and on their toes... the rest is history congrats again to Todd, his boys and the community... well deserved Nonetheless, last day of HS football SMH going to be a boring off-season
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