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  1. Return I wanna say all skill positions, 2 big RB's (munoz, jones) a sophomore who should start QB that is a baller played limited time last year due to injury.... got some big WR's that should have a good season... another sophomore who played some RB last year as a freshman and was the best on the team IMO he shouldbe a wing or something this year dude is fast (ross) , got a group of freshman and sophomore that should get alot of playing time this year but next year is the year I predict a good squad Alot of athletes on the offensive side that can take it the distance on any play Defense was trash last year, no where to go but up from that mess
  2. Might have to catch the DF game and Gunter.. depending how we look
  3. No sir, got a company in Kilgore that sends us jobs up there but to far for us we send it to other companies
  4. Ppl should learn to save and do away with all the unnecessary BS they buy daily.. I know plenty of folks who aren't rich, they weren't rich before biden and ain't now... life goes on, stop whining Prices 60 years ago was way cheaper than 2 years ago, why not complain and bring it back down to were they were back then? Why settle for $2 gas prices when it was less than a dollar back then? The list goes on, grow a pair and pucker up butter cup... as far as me, were blessed tons of work buying another truck (makes 5 now) and rolling with tons of work, my employees aren't struggling... why should I care about you or anyone outside my family? I'll save you time, I dont
  5. Thou shall not kill means exactly that.. spin it how you want Constitution is NOT God
  6. Yet we leave a self defense case up to a jury on wether not someone is guilty or not of murder SMH...
  7. Jett don't post cause everything I say gets deleted... I speak my mind and guess if offends folks Someone I should've voted for? GT_OH with that nonsense! Trash candidate I'll pay high prices to not here and deal with that cheating porn star, with a wife with nudes online (brought to you by the supposedly Christian side) psh yeah right! No thank you
  8. Man things bout to look difficult for the green eagles, I'll be watching them close this year
  9. First game of the year might have its up and downs but should be a helluva game... game of the week possibly? Give me tigers by 6
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