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  1. Thou shall not kill means exactly that.. spin it how you want Constitution is NOT God
  2. Yet we leave a self defense case up to a jury on wether not someone is guilty or not of murder SMH...
  3. Jett don't post cause everything I say gets deleted... I speak my mind and guess if offends folks Someone I should've voted for? GT_OH with that nonsense! Trash candidate I'll pay high prices to not here and deal with that cheating porn star, with a wife with nudes online (brought to you by the supposedly Christian side) psh yeah right! No thank you
  4. Man things bout to look difficult for the green eagles, I'll be watching them close this year
  5. First game of the year might have its up and downs but should be a helluva game... game of the week possibly? Give me tigers by 6
  6. How dumb can ppl be to not see all the fluctuation each day and not scratch your head and wonder whats really going on.... clown
  7. Just saw husband of 1 of the murdered teachers died of a heart attack! They had 4 kids... SMH
  8. I was led to believe by the ones on here yelling lefty etc that the left don't have or like guns I guess since the dude said he leans left or whatever he put on the manifesto we should believe him? Don't forget he also pleaded not guilty, guess we should also believe that SMH! you can't make this stuff up
  9. You that dumb that you ain't realized I was Jett? I changed my profile name months ago... Everyone on here knows that SMH....
  10. If you believe that, you're dumber than I initially thought! I don't care if you or someone else is struggling, i struggled alot growing up and i made up my mind i wasnt going to live like that and now me and my fam is blessed, I choose to read the comments more than post these days, I wouldn't associate with you in person why should I on here? I won't speak for others, but our business is booming with so much work right now we're debating ordering another new truck... you can stop whining like a ##### now... Jett out, you can talk to yourself again, shouldn't have wasted my time posting this
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