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  1. Let's go bux!!! Hope to see you and chapel hill winning it all next week!
  2. This one's tough to pick, I'll go Franklin til someone knocks em off! 3 peat?
  3. Probably still winded , he definitely made the play of the game! Alot of turning points for both teams but that one was critical... good play calling and clock management at the end! Franklin going to be tough to beat
  4. Bought tickets last night on the site and it said "not many left"! Sounds like a packed house coming friday night
  5. O yea, I seen that one coming, Kilgore did what majority of players do play the deep ball and let nothing get behind you! Helluva game, anyone know the attendance I heard a guy at Bubbas say record was set, I'm not so sure about that
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