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  1. I agree, young man's presence is known on both sides of the ball when he's on the field.... next man up
  2. I respect both programs, but in all honesty no way DF beats them by 30... Waskom is going to slow the game down with that hurry to the line and act as if they're going to run a play then look over to the coaches and get the play... I hate that , but I guess it works
  3. WR QB looked out of sync majority of the game trying to find open receivers with DF bringing pressure... although when WR ran they got good yardage on some plays... that's where I think DF will need to focus on this week, waskom is going to line up and run it right at you.. I see this being a defensive slug fest with neither team reaching 40 points which is low compared to the games played by both throughout the season.... JMO
  4. I agree, hopefully next week the winner of DF/waskom and Franklin/poth will be played at like last year.... I'll come chop it up with ya if you there
  5. I spoke with his dad at the game while we were standing waiting to get in and he never mentioned age but he kept saying he's young and a freshman and he needs to gel in to the game and get comfortable, said he's got alot to learn about the game... he mentioned his son wanted this game bad to get revenge, and yeah he did say they from Louisiana..
  6. Man this is a tough game to pick as a spectator, I've seen both play and here's how I see it.... DF has the athletes at all skilled positions to take it the distance on any play and in a hurry.... waskom on the other hand is a very disciplined team with great athletes as well, #7 is a monster in the backfield and if he gets the edge you ain't catching him... #3 is deadly if you punt it to him, he's lil but damn fast and shifty, he plays the DB spot well..... #15 I believe his last name is Diego is a big kid and hard runner.... waskom D IMO is a tad better than daingerfields from what I've gathered off the game I've seen of both teams... I want to say DF by 7 but my gut says waskom by 14+... either way I'll be there along with some other Winona folks doing what we love and that's watching some HS football playoffs... any note on injuries from either squad that could play a factor? I've heard dee Lewis is questionable, I also heard wasom had a injury?
  7. Franklin by at least 35... just on another level this year
  8. Man it's some good teams out there, WOS, Celina, gilmer
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