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  1. They keep it up @ANTI will be right and it'll be a long time b4 another GOP wins presidency
  2. Ok, so answer the question? How many registered voters are there?
  3. How many registered voters are in the U.S.? He got 74-75 million of those supposedly, how many voters are left? Doesn't take a rocket scientist
  4. Just curious, how many times you think you said "DonTheCon in a landslide"? Funny thing is you truly believed that... common sense isn't so common, as displayed everyday on here
  5. I voted Hillary in '16 my first time ever voting, sat out 2020, 2024 will just have to see who's brought to the table... neither of these parties align with me and my wife, she's a jo Jorgensen type... don't get me wrong I like both sides in different areas but they're both racist in their own ways... ill pass
  6. I'm saying how do we know the jury wasn't swayed? Was it a all white jury who was prejudice? No 1 knows, but it's a good possibility that's the case especially the timing... of course there were more riots, would you expect anything less?
  7. More ppl opposed that loser than you think, how many registered voters are there in the U.S.? Way more than the 74 or 75 mil he got, go figure
  8. If the diners file Harassment then yes lock em up
  9. Fair enough, I don't understand the reasoning behind yelling at diners, if they were harassed they should be held accountable, maybe they won't do it again
  10. Yall will argue he wasn't subdued after he was unresponsive for 3+ minutes while chauvin sat there comfortably... hell has a special place waiting for him
  11. Can't the same be said about that jury that's being said about this 1? That the jury was influenced by the violence?
  12. True patriots if I recall correctly what they were called then, now you defend em.... good sheep
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