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  1. Completely agree! Nobody is taking a thing away from Bussey or Timpson. Mark this post for viewing Saturday morning…. The Tigers are very motivated and will physically whip the Bears on both sides of the ball. You will see what I mean at 7:00 p.m. Friday night. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
  2. That's why this is such a great matchup!!! Everyone has their own opinions, and I'm not taking a thing away from Timpson. I just feel they are not as deep as they were last year and Centerville is much deeper than last year. The score was 14-13 at half and Timpson pulled away in the second half. If Centerville does not turn the ball over, I think their depth will be enough to endure the second half and win the game. If I'm wrong, won't be the first time.....lol
  3. Centerville will win by 21!!!! Timpson does not matchup well with Centerville's OL/DL. Bussey is great no doubt, but Centerville will get some stops and Timpson may not get any stops. If Centerville does not turn the ball over, its a long night for the Bears!!!
  4. Yes.....great opportunity.. Everyone would love to go to a place that made the playoffs 17 years IN A ROW.......and then forces the coach out.......smh.......
  5. Congrats to Refugio! Great team effort by the kids! Am I the only one who felt the halfback pass with :56 left and a 28-7 was classless?? Taking nothing away from the kids! They played great!
  6. Great matchup for fans to watch. Franklin has a great system and tough kids. This game will benefit them down the road for sure, no matter if they win or lose.
  7. He is a great coach! Players love playing for him!
  8. Thanks, but my reading comprehension is just fine. I'm not interested in arguing with you. My point was that your comment was classless and I did not read it incorrectly. I have no dog in the fight, and wish all the teams down there in 12-2A good luck. Your witty language is entertaining, minus the unnecessary insults....Have a great day!!!
  9. Wow.....what a completely classless comment about a town hero who has passed away. I'm sure the QB is great in his own right, but no reason to detract from a true legend. I can bet you the young man would not want to be associated with that comment either.....
  10. Does anyone know how Centerville will be this year? Coach Hardee always has those kids ready to play.
  11. What enrollment number did Garrison submit in October?
  12. Leon.....6-4......let's see.....29-14 loss to an undefeated Lovelady team.......one point loss to Lexington.......beat a very talented Trinity team.........sounds like the coaching staff got a lot out of their kiddos. This seems to be the going trend in small school east Texas the past few years. Garrison, Groveton, Hemphill,.....the list goes on and on.... The grass IS NOT always greener.......
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