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  1. Great Season Brahmas. Way to represent East Texas. Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened!!
  2. Same coach that wouldn’t shake hands with one of our kids and one of our coaches
  3. In the words of Ray Lewis...”you ain’t seen what you think you seen”
  4. I will say this...ND kids are not soft. Lack talent and size, but play hard and play tough. Should be fun to watch finesse versus smash mouth defense. Should be a fun contrast to watch
  5. If EF scores 30+, they win. If ND holds them under 20, ND wins. Anything in between is a toss up.
  6. If you picked EF over ND, that will make two you got wrong
  7. So in your scenario where ND loses out, Waskom wins out and EF wins out (with an improbable win over PP)....all three teams finish 4-3. ND has tie breaker over Waskom, Waskom has tie breaker over EF and EF has tie breaker over ND...who advances and in what order?
  8. ND has tie breaker over Waskom and DK
  9. My prediction... DF #1 seed PP #2 seed ND #3 seed DK #4 seed EF and Waskom both miss out
  10. Lol...mainly because he was kicked out of most games.
  11. Well if 8 and 5 are game changers and can take it to the “house” on any play...did they just move in this week? Cause I checked the record EF is 4-4 and lost to a Waskom team that New Diana beat.
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