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  1. I have no dog in this fight but sounds like a lot of people are not happy with this hire. Will the superintendent be held accountable if it doesn't workout. And in all fairness lots of people fail when they don't have the athletes like they did Desoto or Denton Ryan. Time will tell I'm hoping Henderson gets back on track and this isn't a Mathis move for a year or two. Football is always better when the traditional powers of East Texas are playing great football and going to war with each other.
  2. So if he wasn't the coordinator why didn't they promote the OC? This hire really isn't making any sense. Is he or the softball coach golfing buddies or church members with the superintendent? Is that how this deal went down?
  3. Was Whitmire at least a coordinator because everything I've seen just says assistant
  4. Yes he was and that was the last time they were consistently good. I believe they had a superintendent at the time whose kids went to cooper.
  5. This is just one of those "let's continue to be a laughing stock program that doesn't care about winning" things.
  6. I can agree with this if the head football is not stuck in a classroom but most wouldn't want to teach and be head football
  7. you would have to add another high school to the ISD for this to happen
  8. They shouldn't expect them to stay for a long time and just accept the fact they are a stepping stone school for football coaches
  9. As long as the AD and head football are split it will always be a stepping stone job
  10. Matt Stepp tweeting Mexia HC Tristan Abron pending board approval
  11. Currently a head coach? If so is it a return home? Or just a move west?
  12. Ok serious question if Ronnie Green was going to go out on a limb for someone why didn't he go out on limb for his current DC seems like he did a great job at como just read he gave up 15.6 ppg this past year seems really impressive why wouldn't he put him for this job???
  13. School board meeting this Monday will they make their hire then?
  14. Was told they only had like 20 applicants, thought that was a lie but maybe that was true. I know he is really close with green I bet green got him this job. Wish him the best we played together for years but just doesn't make sense. He was the DC here 1 year in his second year of coaching for Green that was the year they let green go.
  15. Difference was that Connot had already been a head coach at Detroit. Huie hasn't coach varsity football in 3 years and only coached varsity football I think 2 years here at cooper . Will be interesting to see what happens now, there will be a ton of pressure to keep it going at rivercrest.
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