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  1. Cooper is still the best team in this district not even close. AG might be the 2nd best team that will be interesting to see moving forward. Can't tell with Rivercrest the mighty Ronnie Greens are struggling. New Predictions 1. Cooper, 2/3. AG/HG, 4 WC, 5 Boles, 6 RC, 7 CP. I think 4-6 teams will battle hard for a spot I don't think there's much separating them.
  2. Truly believe we will beat WC by 20+ we are head and shoulders the best team in this district. AG and Boles Could be a good one, playoff spot on the line early Rivercrest by whatever they want CP is head and shoulders the worst team in the district.
  3. I sure hope there wasn't insiders involved. I have heard there were but I thought noway people are dumb enough to sacrifice their own kids for people not in the district. If they did shame on them and people should lose their jobs or positions of power.
  4. If upheld you have to feel terrible for the ACTUAL Tom Bean kids they are the ones being punished for crimes of outsiders that were trying to cheat the system. An who will probably leave for private school before the week is over.
  5. Did they uphold the post season ban for football?
  6. Cooper by a bunch LO is terrible I remember when they beat the bulldogs 3 times in a calendar year
  7. According to maxpreps we'll be at least 3 td favorites against everyone.
  8. My sources say that the district denied the private school transfers and there is supposedly a ruling coming sometime in the next couple weeks from the uil towards the school in regards to the allegations guess they'll either be cleared of wrongdoing or hammered like San Marcus and alto
  9. Well cooper pulled it off didn't get to see it stuck in west Texas. But man this district is worse than I thought. Heck Alba might be number 2 team. Not sure how good frost is but hg dominated. Boles losing to Clarksville is shocking. Como struggling vs detroit for 1st half is embarrassing they are worse than I thought. Rivercrest is who I thought they were. WC battling chisum they are decent but nowhere near our level. New predictions 1. Cooper 2. HG 3. Alba 4. WC 5. Rc 6. Boles 7. CP
  10. Yeah I was expecting yall to win by 50. But honestly I thought we would win by more vs GS.
  11. I agree after week 1 i feel as if all out district games will be blowouts by at 30
  12. Well week 1 in the books. Cooper will not be challenged in district play which is sad we need better district competition to prepare us for the post season especially in a much tougher region than last year. My thoughts are: Cooper - best team in district not even close, Wolfe city - either finally reaching actual potential or leonard is terrible. Honey grove - not as good as i thought they were going to be. Boles - still room to grow struggling with a terrible overton program, Rivercrest about where I figured they would be, which is below average. Alba looked good against probably the worst football team in the state. Como will be last in the district again nothing has changed for them since last year will.
  13. Will definitely be the toughest test for the bulldogs all year. I'm thinking bulldogs pull it off 30 to 24.
  14. I've gone back and forth on how the district plays out but my final prediction is as follows: 1. Cooper 2. HG 3. Boles 4. WC 5. RC 6. Alba 7. CP
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