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  1. School board meeting is this Monday I believe so should know Monday night or Tuesday. Currently a bronco is what I'm hearing.
  2. If I remember correctly in the article they wanted him to cut some of his coaches as part of budget cuts because of the mess the admin created and he told them no and decided to resign. But that was a few years ago I could be wrong though.
  3. Heard something similar that they go to a local private school but they play 6 man. All are 8th graders so I chalked it up as fake news. No way your firing people and ruining peoples livelihood over trying to get jr high kids to come to your school.
  4. Rumor in the texoma area is that they already have their guy and apparently he's currently coaching in the college ranks. Couldn't tell me where or weather he was head coach but this was a done deal before they made the move to move on from the head football coach and the softball AD. Must be a ton of money on the table to leave the college ranks. Really interesting if this true.
  5. This is who I'm thinking. Probably played a big hand in getting the guy fired who replaced him. Especially if he is on hiring committee.
  6. Oh someone spill the beans is Chad Worrell coming back to lead the tom cats back to their glory days.
  7. After a historically bad season this peach of job is open yet again. Who in their right mind will want this job? Heard they are building a new stadium that's taking over a year to finish, no turf and no home side press box. Tom Bean being Tom Bean.
  8. Any word on who is in the running? Or when we can expect a decision? With the drop to 4a and those facilities you would think this would be so attractive job.
  9. I don't know anything about the coach or the situation but from the outside looking in be careful what you wish for looks like you guys have had continued success. Running a coach out thats winning district and going 2, 3, and 4 rounds deep continuously is a bad look especially if it goes south.
  10. Honestly if it wasn't for turnovers we'd be getting beat by 30 here in the 3rd doesn't look like we belong on the field with tolar.
  11. How many schools are still not listed on the website link in this thread?
  12. Because of covid they are predicting a drop in the cutoff numbers because so many kids choosing the home school route. I hope I'm wrong about us moving up. I think if we move up our chances of winning district go away but still think we can be a playoff team.
  13. Wolfe city is definitely the most underachieving team in the district last couple years. I really thought they would compete for it last year they have a slim chance this year. Think the bulldogs will make a big statement this Friday to finish 10 and 0 for the first time since 2013. 34 to 14.
  14. Just looking at the number on the link if they keep the same number of schools in 2a and same in both division it looks like we are going up to 3a. So question becomes Gunter or daingerfield? Pick your poison. Obviously this is just the fun guessing game until things become official.
  15. As long as it goes up we'll be fine but if not I'll be interested to see what direction we go.
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