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  1. Yes sir a teammate of mine the Rackmaster
  2. This is true but maybe a new scene will help this.
  3. If their wanting smashmouth they must be looking to greener pastures
  4. Heard they are waiting till the closing date before they start interviewing
  5. This profession is more about who you know than what you know. There is a lot more to the huie firing than will ever be public knowledge.
  6. This job is filled by the baseball coach already I believe. "Green" pastures will be to the east of Paris tx
  7. This job is already filled the announcement will be a former wildcat, bulldog and eagle some time in the coming weeks
  8. Talented teams that underachieve every year. Should compete for district titles but instead struggle to get into playoffs
  9. Looks like como will be running slot-t hiring Hughes Springs OC believe he was the OC at como a few years back
  10. How many times in the last 10 years have these 2 teams met to decide who goes to state? Should be a great game.
  11. Timpson is a great team. Cooper had their chances early but hurt themselves with penalties to kill drives can't do that against great teams. Proud of the bulldogs season and tip my hat to the bears they have a real chance at glory. Hope the bulldogs bounce and come back ready to make another run. Good luck timpson moving forward and yall will be tough again next year.
  12. We all know that Timpson will win this game 84 to 0 we concede and move on to basketball. It's getting old week after week to continue to hear that if our opponents show up to play we will be in trouble. Yet week after week we show up and beat people up till they fold. One of these weeks "be careful what you wish for" will finally happen. And it very well might be this week we know that timpson is everyone's pick to win state. The dogs will show up and give it their all so excited to see if we can make school history.
  13. This one comes down to 1 thing for the bulldogs and it is to "try" and slow Bussey down. I know that is definitely easier said than done kid is electric. If the bulldogs can't then it will be a long night. Bulldogs will probably have to score everytime we have the football. I am proud of the bulldogs season so far and things we wished for.
  14. Congrats bulldogs. And congrats to the rams on a strong season now we get the monsters from timpson.
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