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  1. Yeah but they got a little bit father to go before they are on the verge of 6 man like clarksville. Think this move has more to do with him fleeing Cville.
  2. Clarksville is a dying town. definitely need someone who is invested in the long term there and has to get more kids to come out and play. Discipline has traditionally been the biggest issue with Clarksville and from what i've seen out them at various sporting events the last few years its still the same maybe worse than ever. I have a buddy that coached over there a few years ago and the Admin was pretty bad as well so if the same people are in charge things will never change.
  3. I have heard that the Sherman admin has been very disrespectful to those trying to leave. With the principal telling the family that Sherman ISD is not concerned about what is best for the individual athlete. If this is true then absolute shame on Sherman and people should lose their jobs. This is a terrible look for a program already in disarray and having its own issues going on. Coach Cain is finding out that it's hard to win when you don't have the best athletes in the state roaming your sideline like he did at Allen. Easy to win when you have freaks but harder when you actually have to coach. Embarrassing that you would be willing to ruin a kids senior year because you are being petty. Hope Grant finds a home not at Sherman and Sherman goes 0-10.
  4. Definitely a no go on the former coach in my opinion. Probably will be a revolving door for many years until they decide to recombine the jobs and go get someone who actually wants to be there and build something. It will take time to get it accomplished so they will have to be patient and find someone from a program with a similar type of kids. And knows how to maximize their strengths.
  5. Going to be a tough night for the Leonard tigers when they play Gunter definitely feel like there is a chance of the score getting run up just to make a point.
  6. And if you're the new Leonard coach do you really want to upset Gunter? Didn't ever work for fletcher no matter how many $1 cheeseburgers he brought to the meetings.
  7. It's crazy to me as well if one is approved then both should be if they are living together. I don't know if he lives with dad or mom that could be the only reason I see if he doesn't live in the same house.
  8. Maybe he could move in with his grandmother in another small town with Gunter connections if he's looking to dominate at the lower levels
  9. Very interested to see what evidence they have to say no. No chance he goes back to Sherman after this either could he? Seems like Gunter needs to get in touch with a certain school in the Sherman area that are going to build a compound of trailers for families with athletes to move inside the school district so they can avoid this.
  10. Sad deal if true. But honestly Honey Grove might be a step down in terms of classification but it's a step up in terms of facilities and athletes. I think he will have an opportunity to win right away. As far as this job now this is taking way too long.
  11. Might be taking so long because they haven't had to hire a football coach in like 15 years and have no clue what to do lol
  12. Think the tom bean guy went with Charles Boles that just left cumby to water valley think they worked together at multiple places. I was wondering if Scribner was about to get the Leonard job.
  13. To be head coach? I know he had pretty talented little group last year. The QB was the real deal. I also wonder if maybe Leonard since it is AD as well. I have no inside info this is just a guess.
  14. Wonder if scribner from boles is getting this job? Might make sense with such a late resignation
  15. The longer this drags on the worse it gets for the kids
  16. Don't ruin the fun for ole tb they never get this kind of publicity and probably won't once this thread ends. And my statement about kids transferring had nothing to do with athletic reasons it was just that schools that close, kids transfer all the time back and forth. Just like in the Paris area kids go back and forth all the time. But to appease the Smoaky GODS I will leave the recruiting jokes alone and stick to making fun of a program that hasn't had a winning season since 2008.
  17. Just referring to graysonfan comments. But I do know that between Howe, Bells, Tom Bean, Sherman and Whitewright there is a ton of kids that transfer to and between other school districts for one reason or another so my info isn't that far off.
  18. Will they make their hire tonight?
  19. Sad day they don't live there and kids not even going to school there? How do they have any influence then? Who would be dumb enough to listen to people with no association to the ISD. I have heard it is a clown show there right now. Have to feel bad for the kids.
  20. Facility upgrades definitely a bonus for those recruiting tours
  21. Yall forgetting Tom Bean got 2 head coaches they hired to lead the tomcats. Do they get points for double booking the same position?
  22. Ok when is the last time Tom Bean got this much press. I know its bad press and looks terrible but people are talking about this place all be it for the wrong reasons. They must be excited in the alley.
  23. on their website it says the school board meeting is this Monday do they plan on making the hire at the meeting? Any names being thrown around?
  24. Any word on when they plan to make a hire and who the front runner is?
  25. All yall need now is to accept home school kids and have school board members recruit kids from surrounding schools.
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