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  1. Timpson is a great team. Cooper had their chances early but hurt themselves with penalties to kill drives can't do that against great teams. Proud of the bulldogs season and tip my hat to the bears they have a real chance at glory. Hope the bulldogs bounce and come back ready to make another run. Good luck timpson moving forward and yall will be tough again next year.
  2. We all know that Timpson will win this game 84 to 0 we concede and move on to basketball. It's getting old week after week to continue to hear that if our opponents show up to play we will be in trouble. Yet week after week we show up and beat people up till they fold. One of these weeks "be careful what you wish for" will finally happen. And it very well might be this week we know that timpson is everyone's pick to win state. The dogs will show up and give it their all so excited to see if we can make school history.
  3. This one comes down to 1 thing for the bulldogs and it is to "try" and slow Bussey down. I know that is definitely easier said than done kid is electric. If the bulldogs can't then it will be a long night. Bulldogs will probably have to score everytime we have the football. I am proud of the bulldogs season so far and things we wished for.
  4. Congrats bulldogs. And congrats to the rams on a strong season now we get the monsters from timpson.
  5. Don't say the entire region when it's one team is all I'm saying
  6. Both of these schools have very similar success in the last 20 years with joaquin winning more regular season games and cooper with more overall playoff success. I think this will be a great game holding out for my score prediction for later in the week.
  7. Just went looking through the UIL archives to look at past state champions in the current 2a classifications got a lot of region 2 state champions maybe region 3 should start paying more attention to region 2. Minus Mart no real region 3 dominance like I thought there would be when we joined the region and people said we were going to get killed.
  8. As could be said about alot the region 3 "powerhouses" I will agree we had 2 different 3 to 4 year stretches of below .500 play take those multiple 2 and 8 seasons away and we are well above average. 1 subpar year since casto has shown up to bring cooper back to the former standard of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. And we'll see how high he can carry us moving forward.
  9. So we just talking about region 3? We not taking our time in region 2 with the likes of Gunter, Cisco, Crawford, Holiday, Caddo Mills, Celina, Farmersville, Prosper before they grew. A lot of state championship in that list right there. Not saying we are a state powerhouse but we are comparable, especially to most schools the last 20 to even 40 years back most of it spent in modern 3A ranks . Obviously we don't have any state championships to our claim but by no means have the bulldogs been chumps to over look.
  10. Excited for this match-up going to be a slug fest excited for all the trash talking that may take place. This game will probably be over before 930 with clock rarely stopping.
  11. If you don't mind me asking who are you referring to as the perennials? I do like to go and compare the histories of said schools to my bulldogs. I am extremely proud of the bulldogs have accomplished this year but I know that there is more to do to get where the community wants to be. Big game this next week for us definitely will not be no easy task.
  12. Congrats to Corrigan-Camden on a good year. Excited for the bulldogs to back in rarefied air only 5th time in school history making it to the 3rd round of the playoffs.
  13. Did we ever find out if either school was going to have a telecast of the game I'm still stuck in west Texas!
  14. Yes I believe this game is big for the direction of each football program. We lucky to be fairly young with lots of key pieces coming back next year and pretty talented younger groups as well. I hope this is the season that sets the new standard for the Cooper Bulldogs football program.
  15. Yes this season isn't that big of surprise for most cooper fans we knew what we had in terms of talent. We are just excited to see how we stack up with best of the state.
  16. Excited to see how the bulldogs stack up to one of the better teams in the region. Should be a good game.
  17. Yeah I agree tough place to win and maybe they need a new voice and maybe a more diverse version of the wing-t maybe go to the slot-t. It will be interesting to see who is interested in this job
  18. Haha a little. My big question is will they go with another older guy with experience just looking to retire or go younger like cooper has done for the most of our history has worked out well for the most part.
  19. Well that was very encrypted lol
  20. Not sure i work nights right now may want to save my days. Is there a live stream?
  21. We starting that already lol
  22. Now cooper waits for the outcome of this game excited to find out
  23. .500 seasons seem to be a good year for the eagles. They usually have hard nosed kids just not the best athletes to win in a foot race.
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