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  1. Any word on where the game will be? Figure tyler or lindale looks like a neutral place
  2. We will find out soon cooper is big and athletic going to be fun
  3. I'm going to go conservative in my pick 36 to 14 Dawgs win.
  4. I will forgive you this time BAHAHAHA. How close is it to be 100% in? I love trying to predict cutoff numbers and districts gets lonely out here in the oil fields haha.
  5. Not trying to be rude or anything but is there a reason the dave Campbell's snapshot article hasn't been updated since last night? Has no one else sent in their numbers?
  6. No dog in this fight but is overton the biggest surprise in the state right now? Have to be excited for them!
  7. Cooper by a ton probably similar to the WC game
  8. I haven't even thought about this place in a while but I finally have some time since march looking through notifications. How have the big salaries, created positions and recruiting scandal worked out for the tomcats? Are they state championship level yet?
  9. The real question is which one of my cooper brethren is the man behind thus fake account lol
  10. The real question is can we get back and challenge Timpson again this year? Not as crisp as we had been with Ingram at QB the last couple years
  11. Isn't Hull-Daisetta and West Hardin the biggest rivalry in the state of Texas? Put some respect on their names!
  12. Heard they went with an outside hire. My cooper boy said he tried hard to get the job but wouldn't comment any further just disappointed.
  13. The DC is a cooper boy don't know if he put in for it. Not sure on the guy with head coach experience though.
  14. Heard both the principal is leaving and superintendent is retiring soon wonder if that will slow down the process.
  15. Being so late do they stay in house?
  16. Matt stepp tweeting West Hardin AD George Taylor
  17. The anticipation for this job supposedly finally coming to an end this Monday.
  18. This is the most press colmesneil has probably ever had. Does anyone know when the board meeting will be rescheduled for?
  19. With coach Day officially heading to Elkhart what way are the mighty bulldogs going? Any word on timeline?
  20. Also congrats to coach sharp I know a guy that worked with him and spoke very highly of him.
  21. Some growth I guess but no new housing developments be slow growth moving forward
  22. What they blocked transfer on was his residency I know the family personally. Sherman was upset that 95% of their production was leaving. It was a straight bitter move that worked out so well for them. Did the kid say hey I'm going to play at Gunter or can't wait to be a tiger maybe. But it was desperate move by a terrible program to keep their only source of offense. And can you blame a coach/parent for trying to give their kids a chance actually win a few games.
  23. He does not live with dad he lived with his mom but Gunter punished all it could this past season for voting against the does anyone dare upset Carthage over this?
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