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  1. I'm not sure why you're mistaking confidence for arrogance? Arrogance would not admit that Henderson is a much improved team. Arrogance would be completely dismissing you guys. I am not doing that whatsoever. I just think that Lindale will win the game fairly handily if they play well. That is my opinion. You're entitled to yours as well. We will both be here tomorrow morning (Lord willing) to discuss either way. Best of luck to you guys. I promise not to hold it against you for calling me arrogant.
  2. Do we know which players from PT will not be playing? I know it's sensitive information...but that is an important piece of how this game could go. The PT defensive line is crazy.
  3. You very well could be right...but I don't see it. I see a few mismatches based on the limited amount of film I've been able to find. I could be wrong since I've watched bits and pieces that I can find online of Henderson...but I just don't think Lindale has put a complete game together yet. Should have a few guys back this week and something tells me that the Eagles put a good game together this week. Something like 49-28 Lindale would not shock me. Lions much better. Eagles just finally play a good game.
  4. Since it's a road game...probably see me Saturday morning regardless. Always try to find some ice cream with my family afterwards and I'll be driving home. Usually check to see what people are talking about the next morning. Hope you're the one eating crow...
  5. Haven't had a chance to listen...would like to be filled in whenever there are facts to be presented. Definitely not looking to hear any rumors.
  6. Bullard comes back to reality this week. Dawgs by 21+
  7. Agreed...that is what it's all about! Love the support everyone has for their team. I can assure you that I will be here win or lose!
  8. I agree completely about Henderson being a different team. You can ask @Lion7000 I think Henderson staff has done a good job. Hard to fix all the issues left by the last staff. I just think Lindale is better than people realize. We will see. My kid graduated awhile back so I'm not as plugged in as I used to be. Just really believe we are better than our record indicates.
  9. @Lion7000 for the record...I think the new staff at Henderson is doing really well. Tried to tell all the Hendo faithful (many people did) that the previous staff was a bad hire. Proof was in the pudding on that. Previous coach made it way harder on Coach Baker and staff IMO. They have a lot further to go because of previous staff.
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