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  1. This job stinks and it will probably always stink..... People in charge don't care about creating a winning culture. If they did then they would look around and see what the WINNERS are doing.
  2. Some places are better than others when it comes to the hours. I have worked 90 hour weeks. I have worked 60 hour weeks. I have been a part of bad teams. I have been a part of good teams. The fact is this...80-100 hours in a week is not something that is just made up. You can think we are lying if you want...that is your choice. However, if your kid is ever a part of a program that has good coaches who are doing everything they can to help your kid have success then I hope you appreciate them. I hope you don't take for granted all that they do, despite the fact that some of you guys think we are just making stuff up.
  3. I hear ya. Don't forget about the weekend and before school. Some kids can't lift after school because of work so some coaches show up at 6:00 AM to open the weight room for those kids to have an opportunity to get extra work in. I will say...not all coaches do that. But if you care about kids you are going to make it work for them. You're trying to make it seem as if we are blowing it out of proportion...I would love to hear your opinion if you were able to shadow a football coach for one week during the season...
  4. Should be a fun one. District 9-4A well represented!
  5. It's not 50 hours of practice. It's 50 hours of practice / film / weights / monitoring kids as they get in and out of the locker room / laundry / preparation meetings for practice / mentoring kids / picking kids up / taking kids home / etc.
  6. It is much more than the 180 contract days you're paid for...especially for coaches. Many coaches work for free all summer long. Not to mention the crazy hours that come with an extra $3000 for the year to coach a particular sport.
  7. You get what you pay for..... I've seen some promaxima weight rooms in shambles...
  8. One of my good buddies is a coach and the stuff they deal with is ridiculous at times. Parents acting/talking crazy...crazy hours...average to low pay...politics within the admin/school board (depending on where you're at) Parents think they can do a better job....maybe they should fill out an application.
  9. How is everyone looking in 7 on 7? It's not real football but at least it can give us an idea of what a team has at the skill positions!
  10. I hope they mature as well. Curious to see where they'll be next year within the district. How was Henderson at the JV/9th levels last year? Don't you guys lose a lot on the Varsity?
  11. I made the comment and I stand by it. Nothing against the kid at all. I'm sure he is a great kid and is obviously very intelligent if he has an offer from Yale. What I am saying is that I have watched him play. He does not take over games. He doesn't throw it well with pressure in his face. At the 4A level I would expect a 4 Star QB to take over games at times. Have not seen that from him.
  12. Based on this...he should probably be the favorite to win District MVP or District OPOY
  13. Unless there is something crazy that we don't know about...the Admin/School board should be ashamed of themselves.
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