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  1. That is brutal...wonder why he left? Not like he was at a bad program!
  2. Team was young last two years. Should reap the benefits of experience this year.
  3. If what I'm hearing is true...Carlisle won't miss a beat. Should be good times ahead!
  4. Going to keep it to myself until I know more.
  5. Interesting...gotta get the first one! Hope he has some success!
  6. ZB? Wonder if he'd bring guys with him?
  7. There's a quality candidate right up the road...
  8. That's a good point? Surely if something happened they wouldn't go with someone on staff?
  9. Anyone have info on this one? Could be some quality candidates in the area.
  10. Lots of reasons really. Losing a ton of production from the RB Ross / Bad JV / Who is going to play QB? / Bad Karma because the admin doesn't handle stuff right / Entire organization is a dumpster fire and now the Supts Husband is one of the AD's as the Track coach...
  11. Yep...it seemed like you were talking from the point of view of the applicant as well in the post below. So I was just throwing my 2 cents in. All good.
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