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  1. Should be a fun week. Lindale/Kilgore winner will have the inside track to a district championship and control their own destiny. Loser will have to win out and hope for a split with Chapel Hill. Everyone else is battling for the 4th spot.
  2. One day closer! Excited for the 9th and JV tonight. Usually can't make it on Thursdays due to work but I'm actually free tonight. How is Kilgore's 9th/JV squad? I think our 9th is 2-4 and 0-2 in district I think our JV is 5-1 and 2-0 in district
  3. They DO have the talent. There are about a million other things holding them back. Talent is not the problem.
  4. Hendo should win...but I trust Othell about as much as I trust the government right now. Gimme Athens
  5. All I've heard about is how good Kilgore's Defensive Line is...so this morning I did a little digging and found some film and WOW. Those guys are really big and really good! This is going to be a big time test for Lindale's Offense.
  6. I think we have battled injuries all year. We were not healthy to start the season vs Kaufman. We got some guys back but then got sort of banged up again right before district play. Now we are pretty healthy everywhere except the RB position I think. Hard to really know though because everything I hear is 2nd or 3rd hand information.
  7. Should be GOTW in East Texas if not the entire state for 4A. Could be a really good battle in the trenches this week as both teams have really good O-Line and D-Line athletes. This is the definition of a toss up!
  8. Kilgore @ Lindale has been a heck of a ball game the last two years. 3rd year in a row that this game could have district championship implications (of course they’ll both have their hands full with CH down the road) Kilgore coming off of an absolute BEATDOWN of J’ville 56-7 Lindale coming off of an absolute BEATDOWN of Athens 63-21 Thoughts?
  9. Tough to handle that change. Looks like Palestine might have a little more mental toughness than the Bulldogs. Let’s see what happens in the 2nd half. I’m headed there now! Get to catch 2 games on one Friday….feels like playoffs!
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