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  1. Coach Whitaker is a great man. He will do a great job as long as he is supported by the NL admin.
  2. This guy will have an uphill battle
  3. Going to revisit this thread in November if I can remember....
  4. Unfortunately, I am too broke to actually put much money on it lol I just don't see how you can really think Henderson wins this district (unless its just a homer pick) I see the district playing out similarly to last year to be honest. Kilgore/Lindale/CH fighting it out at the top. Palestine/Henderson fighting for the last playoff spot. Mabank/Athens sitting at home for playoffs.
  5. You guys actually think that Henderson is going to win this district and they are still trying to assemble a coaching staff at the END of the month of May?
  6. I would bet my paycheck that CH/Henderson do not finish 1-2 in this district.
  7. This is ridiculous... Leaving teammates out to dry when they are counting on you. Leaving coaches out to dry when they are counting on you. I understand wanting to avoid injury, but what if you get injured training? Can't live in fear! No way UT can endorse this?
  8. I am not from Henderson and I have no idea what is going on...no need to come at me in a negative way. I am just here for discussion and gave my two cents that I don't think you can assume Henderson will be the district champion. That being said, it does show on the QB son's twitter page that he is at Henderson High
  9. No way the D1 football playing kids aren't coming with the head football coach Dad...right???
  10. Don't think you missed much. Apparently these Henderson fans think I have it out for them. Actually, just calling it like I see it. Henderson did not have much talent on the JV in the two games I saw. Maybe kids were out with injuries or grades? Henderson 9th was talented, but struggled to score points. Turned the ball over a lot as well. I just don't think you can justify an argument that Henderson is going from 5th place in this district to 1st place in this district. You haven't seen anything yet. The new HC has barely arrived in town and assembled a staff. Yes he has a D1 so
  11. We will see. Lets hear your overall district predictions? Go ahead and put it on record!
  12. Didn't yall's JV/9th get beat by Lindale and Kilgores JV/9th teams pretty handily? I think you're crazy if you think this district will finish with CH/Henderson in 1st/2nd... Palestine is going to be tough next year. Their subvarsity teams were really talented (much more talent than Hendo) Kilgore will still have dudes and tradition Lindale returns more than you think. They lose the RB of course, but they will return 8 starters on offense I think. I am not real interested in talking about CH. Constantly moving parts there with athletes coming and going
  13. Coach Dezern will do a good job. Bonham will still be Bonham, but they will be more competitive across the board in my opinion.
  14. Stay far far away from this one.......
  15. Not interested in winning football games
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